Consensus is better than unilateral action, tweeted President Arif Alvi, after a…

Consensus is better than unilateral action, tweeted President Arif Alvi, after a... 3

Consensus is better than unilateral action, tweeted President Arif Alvi, after a meeting with scholars today to discuss if religious congregations, including Friday prayers, should be suspended in Pakistan during the coronavirus outbreak.

Consensus is better than unilateral action, tweeted President Arif Alvi, after a... 7


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  1. Suppose 5 is the limit and one of them is infected so 1×5 and then those 5 goes to their home and then it will be out of hands, government is not taking this virus seriously

  2. Gutts are needed for unilateral actions. All Ulema are asking government can impose ban because state has right . But government is afraid

  3. That is a very stupid decision. Clearly authorities in Pakistan are still not understanding the severity of the situation.

  4. I fail to understand what is going on. When the two great Mosques of Macca and Madina have been closed, why can’t we do it??

  5. Who will decide which handful will be eligible for prayer and which not? Pagal logon ky hath charh gaya Pakistan

  6. If everything is to be decided with “consensus” then we should and must designate the Chief Legislative as “Moderator in Chief”

  7. Even if it is a gathering of 5 people and one is infected then we have helped the virus to transmit into 5. A very stupid decision.

  8. Shame on PTI. When people start dying and number of infections increase people will surely know whose incompetence to blame.

    There’s much your wretched party can learn from Sindh Mr. PRESIDENT AS SINDH STOPS ALL CONGREGATIONAL PRAYERS TILL APRIL 5.

    Imran is utterly indecisive and lacks vision.

    Thank God for the 18th amendment!!!!

  9. Decisions must be takenby rulling party without consulting anybody as this crisis is huge and challenge to humanity.

  10. The difference in decision being taken by federal and sindh government regarding this matter must remind us of St Louis and Philadelphia.

  11. Soul of the script: President called on Clergs to release ban on congregation. Clergs ruled out President. Without an iota of shame, he tweets his failure. Words matter to them, actions go to hell. Rip.

  12. Only consultative approach can lead to consensus bcz it is a democratic state, not authortarian…so good decision..united we stand.

  13. One of these scholars was talking about a man who had a dream about Prophet Muhammad(SAW) in which he gave prayers to combat Covid-19. Did government really had to talk with such people?

  14. Most confused government in the history of pakistan..
    No clear decision..
    Better and clear decision taken by sindh government..

  15. Calling the idiots for such a necessary step is insane. If they were that good decision-makers, they wouldn’t be clergymen.

  16. It is time to take tough decisions, not leaving the country in the hands of these so-called religious scholars.
    Mosques have closed almost in every Muslim country with resources, but Pakistan (a poor country) already at high risk is moving ahead with worst planning and preparation.
    There is a fear, Pakistan will destroy the entire world.

  17. Religious/spiritual egos have always been cause of our downfall both on individual and national levels… here we go again, against the basics of what believe in….

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