Corbyn: We're ready for an election at any time

Corbyn: We're ready for an election at any time

Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the opposition, outlines his party’s Brexit plans, education reform and climate change.

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  1. Can we replace Jeremy Corbyn with his brother piers Corbyn. He's the smart one loyal to the country and definitely not communist He's completely opposite to Jeremy. He be a vote winner

  2. Mr Corbyn says its parliamentary pressident that he as the leader of the opposition should be stand in Prime minister. BUT thanks to John Bercow all pressident of existing Parliament have been shattered, wiped away as he overturned the government. So Mr Corbyn is not automaticly installed as stand in. Things have changed thanks to your mate the un honerable MR Bercow

  3. As senior Labour men (Gordon Brown, Ed Miliband, Tony Blair, Stephen Kinnock, Chuka Umunna and others) have long said , as long as Jeremy Corbyn is the leader of the Labour party, there won't be a Labour government. I believe they were correct about that. I don't believe that the general public, would seriously vote in Jeremy Corbyn into No.10, as even present Labour members of Parliament, don't want or have confidence in him, or his policies. David Cameron himself, when he was Prime Minister, said in the Commons, that he was glad Jeremy Corbyn was the Labour leader, because as long as he is, he said, the Conservatives had no need to worry about the opposition! When the 'shadow chancellor' states his opinion that in his view, the next Labour leader should be 'a woman' (maybe Diane Abbott), it speaks volumes about principles that the Labour party practices – political correctness instead of personal merit and democratic processes! It must be an utter embarrassment for the Labour opposition, to be faced with the realisation, that across the parties at Westminster, the consensus of opinion is that even if the so called party of national unity was created, Jeremy Corbyn has been point blank rejected as an interim Prime Minister. What must be patently obvious to the general public who tune into the Parliament show, is that the shadow Labour cabinet is virtually deplete of seriously talented, intelligent and gifted parliamentarians, as compared with the Conservative party. One reason why this is, is that a number of the more educated and gifted among the Labour side, left the front bench when Corbyn was elected leader and since then others have departed to the back benches, distancing themselves from the more extreme left wing marxism of its leader. Of the more talented that has been lost, is Chuka Umunna, and its obvious that if Labour keeps leaking its best talent, its facing its own demise! Corbyn is in a state of delusion if he really thinks he can win an election with him as leader and the party in the state it is in, with extreme nationalising policies, forced redistribution of wealth and rife antisemitism protected…the country will not vote Labour in, in a General Election! And if it did, by some fluke of numbers, I believe the country would seriously regret it and most likely the term would be very short, with a vote of no confidence in a Labour government. Any future Labour government would also need to realise that the opposition is likely to follow the precedent set by this Labour party, by going to the courts to effectively interfere with government operations, as happened with the 'paroguing of Parliament' case and similar plots. Lastly, it was revealed on a TV interview of a Labour politician, that during the months of the government attempting to negotiate a deal with the EU, ambassadors for the Labour party have been quietly working behind the scenes, with members of the EU, trying to offer potential terms should Labour win an election! This means that the Labour party has been interfering with the Government negotiating process, subverting the Government's negotiating position, so that the EU's members have been in the position to compare the Government's offers with those of the shadow Labour party! Instead of working with the Government to secure a deal which could be agreed not only in the EU, but also in Parliament, the Labour party have been spending their time attempting subterfuge, in an attempt to cause the Government's negotiations to fail!! This apparently is how the Labour party operates, in a world of undercover dirty tricks!

  4. He's just incredibly boring. Why Labour acolytes so adore him is virtually impossible to understand? I've taken an interest in politics all my life and had never heard of him until he was on the list of Labour leader candidates. There's a reason why he has always been a marginal figure. Clearly one of those people who never went beyond the M25 – until he wanted votes in the North.

  5. Election 2019: Will Jeremy Corbyn step down if he loses election? , The old fool can't stay awake in PMQs now so the answer has to be yes or he'll fall down.

  6. Corbyn living in his little bubble. It just does NOT matter what BoJo or Corbyn do to sell us out, once we get a GE we will bounce the two of them into political oblivion. The Brexit Party will take us out with a large majority, then the EU and the likes of Corbyn will finally understand what we meant when we “didn’t know what we were voting for” yeh rite !

  7. The headline is simply a lie. Corbyn is running scared of an election, and so he should be, as their main support base, in the north, is up in arms at their betrayal. There have been many opportunities to force a General Election and they have backed down on each occasion. I, for one, would like to see an election, sooner rather than later, and see the House flushed out of all of those who have betrayed the country, not least the Speaker of the House…!!

  8. Hahahahahaha import the not needed,get the working man to sponsor the ponces and then take there votes hahaha at what point doesn't this odiot realise that his agenda is a open book,no different to the system his party put into place to destroy this once great country!

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