Cuomo clashes with evangelical Trump supporter

Cuomo clashes with evangelical Trump supporter

CNN’s Chris Cuomo sat down with Trump-supporting evangelical radio host Eric Metaxas for an interview about President Donald Trump’s support in the evangelical faith community.


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  1. Why cant Trump just say that he has helped evangelicals, why does he have to inflate what he claims as his successes to the point where its better than anything else in history.

  2. If your a Christian,Jew,or Muslim then you are breaking God's will by supporting a political party that endorses the death of the babies. Not my word but Gods word. We don't care if some people don't understand. I'm not trying to go to hell.

  3. Liars don't fall far from the lying Tree. Almost Everyone in this administration has been anointed with trumps anointing.

    More than 16,000 lies in 3.5 years,

    ( That's Not Normal. ).

    What would you do if your son or daughter had told that many lies in 3.5 years? What kind of HELP would you get for them? 

    Psychological, Psychiatric, Spiritual???

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    This IS a Spiritual Battle for this Nation.

    Jesus said of someone:

    "He was a liar from the beginning.
    When he s peaks a lie, he speaks of himself because there is NO truth in him"

    The lady was right when she talked about " Dark Forces " surrounding trump & his white house.

    There are Dark Spiritual forces propping up trump & his minions.

    But in the Name of Jesus, I, who am seated with Christ in heavenly places, Command them to Go Now Completely & Totally. They are Under my feet and I put my Feet on their necks & Command them to Go Now! Take All your hatred, chaos and demonic activity with you. I Command Every seed that has been planted by those demonic forces to Die NOW, in the Name of Jesus.

    They Must listen & Must Obey.

    I speak Peace, Love & Compassion. & God fearing Leadership in the White House in Jesus' Name!

    You will know them by their fruit: Hatred, Chaos, Lies, deception are demonic / satanic fruit.

    This president (as he is now), is the personification of evil.

    If you watch "Left Behind, The AntiChrist Revealed",  (On YouTube) you will understand how trump could Shoot someone & Not lose any support.

  4. Your country is not America. You're the United States of America. You're in North America, there's also South America. You morons; Donald Trump is your elected President, ha ha ha ha thump . . .

  5. These people that call themselves evangelicals for the most part in America is nothing like the Christians that is written in the new testament, they are now like the pharisees that jesus caught so much hell from selfrightcous people, they claim christ but do the opposite of christ, they are hippocrates and christ is not in them..don't call them Christians

  6. Two words. Two chronicles. The man SIGNS bibles. Come on. Claims to be the " chosen one". Chump could be the anti Christ but he is simply too stupid. He is just a fool.

  7. What is this fool talking about. The Democrat party has went far right since Roosevelt not to the left. The top tax rate was over 90% after the great depression and remained that way until Kennedy dropped it to 70%. The nation began going downhill when corrupt politicians dropped taxes for the rich so low that the bills are no longer being paid and astronomical debt is being mounted up that enslaves the common man. We need to go back left to get to the fair policies and start building the nation again instead of building more riches for the super rich who end up obtaining most of the capital and determining the quality of life for the majority including the quality of our environment . That is the threat. Dictatorship by the power of the almighty dollar (the god of this world) that has been leveraged over the people from corrupt government in bed with corrupt business and now dragging in corrupt religion. I would bet just about anything that this so called Christian radio host does not even know what true Christian doctrine is. He sits around getting rich spewing religious garbage, that is intertwined with corrupt government. Where is the actual gospel/doctrine of Christ? Can't teach that one because it may go far left of Bernie Sanders.The original Christian society was a communal one where all lived in common through faith and excessive money hoarding by some while others went in lack was forbidden..

  8. watch cuomo get caught doing mental gymnastics on 1. abortion … must be a scientist to understand a 5 month fetus is alive 2. insisting republicans require Christianity as a candidate's religion…trump is a long time agnostic, romney was a mormon 3. cuomo says theres no catholic faith problem voting for abortions because we live in a society of laws that respect choice…….[middle finger] [laughing emoji] [head up butt] democrats and their voters are morons

  9. Evangelical my ass these fake MFs don't follow any of the teachings of the Bible new or old Testament because if they truly did they wouldn't support him. So let's just call it for what it truly is and stop BSing around. They support Trump because they share his racist views. They just don't voice theirs out loud period

  10. The Democrats have not become a leftist organization, the Republicans have gone so far right they do not recognize the middle ground and what is the greater good.

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