How dangerous is the situation between Iran and the US? | The Bottom Line

How dangerous is the situation between Iran and the US? | The Bottom Line

With no appetite in the United States to launch new wars or prolong old ones, the assassination of a top Iranian general last week came as a peculiar escalation.

Does the White House want to send a signal that it is engaging or disengaging from the Middle East?

General Qassem Soleimani was the commander of Iran’s Quds Brigades, which is used by Iran to expand its military presence and influence in countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Yemen.

There were no indications that his assassination, which Iran considers an act of war, is part of a wider US strategy.

So, what’s next for Iran-US relations? And how did we go from relative calm in 2016 to high tension in 2020?

Join host Steve Clemons and his guests in this discussion on Solaimani’s assassination, US-Iran relations and the chances for de-escalation.


Vali Nasr – Professor of Middle East studies at Johns Hopkins University and author of The Shia Revival (2006)

Michele Dunne – Director of the Middle East Program at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, and former US diplomat in Cairo and Jerusalem

Matthew Brodsky – Senior fellow at the Gold Institute for International Strategy

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  1. Matthew Brodsky, where did you find this jackass. What is the Gold Institute for International Strategy? I'll look it up. You show incompetence. You appear to be more of a joke!

  2. She is brilliant…
    Thank you so much Michele Dunne

    Let's hope we take advantage of those
    opportunities to bring real diplomacy and peace…. Life is more important than
    anything. Most Americans and Iranians want
    the same result they do not want war. (Probably more than 90%)

    We all want the same being peace freedom and abundance.

  3. US needs to have a proper war with a powerfull country not with powerless one sided war like they have been doing in middleeast for decades, they need to suffer and have big loss as well like middeeastern and this is the only way they will come down and bring the world in normal or in ballanced from troubles, i am an eithiest not siding anybody but observing the situations and history this what i genuinely come out with.

  4. How can they allow the separate state US (Israel )to have nuclear weapon
    And trying to prevent Iran from having nuclear weapon
    Why ?
    Who is more evil more than the American goverment and british

  5. Everyone involved in this theater has blood on their hands. We would be stupid to believe that there are any inocent party here. The general was one man carrying out orders from his supervisor. You take him out and he will be replaced. This action was bad judgement and will only lead to more death and destruction. The United States killed a lot of innocent people in Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Africa, South America and the list goes on. The United States is not in a position to put forward any solution while they are part of the problem.

  6. 4:03 North Korea has the PRC acting as a "big brother", but even the PRC has put limits on what it will support in terms of North Korea's actions, and what it won't support. So, no, it's not the same thing.

  7. Turn it over to our lord and saviour, these plans are WAY TO BIG FOR HUMAN HANDS! Rejoice,for he is risen! We will be called home to eternal glory,and Jesus is the only way!

  8. What rubbish! Soleimani prevented ISIS from establishing itself in Syria. they would have killed and raped all religious denominations that did not belong to them including Christians. Ethnic cleansing? Soleimani prevented such atrocities

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