John Dean: Pelosi has leverage over Senate impeachment trial

John Dean: Pelosi has leverage over Senate impeachment trial

Former Nixon White House counsel John Dean said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has leverage over the Senate impeachment trial because there are no rules against her withholding the approved articles of impeachment.

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  1. soooooo…….it was alright for quid pro quo joe to threaten the leader of ukraine to drop a investigation into burisma for corruption. hmmmm right little hunter biden was on the board

  2. So much for leverage…LOL. These people, all of them, their pundits and the anchors, are total idiots. Did ya'll hear about the whistle blower being best friends with Schiff's staffer, Sean Misko? What a surprise. LOLOLOLOL. These people's plot, once again, against Trump failed. His rating is higher than ever. Thanks you idiots.

  3. Democrats are embarrassing America. Kamala Haris took an oath to not be biased in the impeachment and she stands up today trying to build a case of hatred for something trump said about woman as a citizen many years ago. Something that has nothing to do with the case. That somebody that doesn't care about the oath she took. How can people even vote for someone that does not respect the oath she took playing dirty in front of million of people

  4. Lol, lemon is a obama communist wanna be. What happened to Pelosi's leverage? Lol, your fake news and lies have blown up in your face. Trump BEAT YOU AGAIN!!!!!!! Pelosi is a fool!!!!!

  5. It is funny to watch your fake stories from the past few weeks leading to the impeachment. Lol, your fake news gives false hope to the demokkrats. Anyone with a brain can see your stories are biased and fake. Trump wins again when you promised your cult your hero Pelosi would take Trump down. Trump won because it was a witchhunt from the beginning!! Cnn= lies, lies, and more lies. What happened to that guest host you had on who was training kids to do a school shooting in Taos, NM? She was arrested and she was on cnn first before she was training kids to do a school shooting.

  6. Ok but America country have some Christian verses(money in god we trust n others) but the country does not do everything the Bible says. So u just take some good to teaches people how to live but America seems like that anyway already. If u don't want that then just go say America be good or u want to say be bad. So u want us to preach bad but if we say bad then u gonna cry n started be crazy stoneage people.

  7. I don't understand Don Lemon still being employed by CNN. He was outspoken in believing the psychotic and hate-filled racist rants of Jussie Smollett. Is racism the new accepted obscenity at CNN, provided it's against Whites? Just like anti-male hatred and lies are promoted by the feminazis who undermine the very fabric of Western culture by ignoring political principles of backing up opinion with fact. Is hatred and lies the only pair of "values" that CNN now holds? And how do these people sleep at night? They lie continually, by definition, simply presenting on a network that supports deception and distortion — a true propaganda rage — that still calls itself a "news network." This is how far degeneracy in the pampered radical Left of America has become. Truly contemptible.

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