Owen Farrell Interview after the Rugby World Cup 2019 Final

Owen Farrell Interview after the Rugby World Cup 2019 Final

England captain Owen Farrell speaks after his side’s defeat to South Africa in the Rugby World Cup 2019 Final

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  1. I so pleased that this man, a serial diver (i.e. a cheat), did not win. It would have been dreadful yto experience the gloating of this team of ugly winners.
    Of course they are blaming the referee who was handpicked by the Slave Trading Opium Pushers and their Celtic colonies to reward him for his services to the Bleating and Cheating Lions.
    The Superior Hemisphere still rules and the RC remains a vastly superior tournament to the 6N.
    When the playing field tends towards being level, which is infrequently because of the Gerrymander known as World Rugby, the 6N (Neanderthal Hemisphere) gets blown away by the skills and intelligence of the Rugby Championship. i.e. the New World.

  2. Just like to say that as a Kiwi, I’m a big fan of Owen Farrell. I remember the 3rd test of the British and Irish Lions tour a couple of years ago in Wellington, horrible rain, very windy but he stepped up with a minutes to go and put the penalty between the posts to level the scores. Anyone who shows that level of character has my respect. He’s won everything in the UK game and is a credit to his country. Unlucky today.

  3. I didn't see that coming England were bloody awful, well done SA but my God Japan would've beaten that England & the AB's must be mystified how they lost to England. Very very strange performance.

  4. Didn’t even congratulate the boks in any post match interview. Also the English team all took off their silver medals as soon as they touched their chests. Poor sportsmanship and just a douche move of note. Makes me even happier that we crushed the English in the final.

  5. Southern Hemisphere Rugby REIGN yet again and again and again….The Northern Hemisphere maybe the Richest Rugby Unions in the World but NO AMOUNT of MONEY wins the RWC. HEART, DETERMINATION and SELF BELIEF WINS these finals. WHO WANTS IT MORE!!! That's who wins. You can buy our players from the South but you will never have their Heart. Their Heart will always beat for their Motherland. Not their Adoptedland. Until, y'all recognise this, the North will never lift the Webb Ellis Cup.

  6. You can see him holding back tears. I know they got a lot of hate for being soar losers, but they knew they were better than SA and still lost. They'd feel shame and guilt. I understand their response.

  7. Smirks and the Southern Hemisphere.
    some of you are are really weird, complaining about his smirk which was a reply to the Hakka (which is suppose to intimidate the opposition, not really fair eh) and happy it stays in the southern hemisphere…that's pretty pathetic.

  8. 4 more years, Owen, 4 more years, ou Pal … Bwha ha ha ha And a lovely bit of Karma from your ridiculous head "tackle" against SA a year ago. Justice is served piping hot, thank you !

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