Sindh government spokesperson Murtaza Wahab has said that there will be no congr…

Sindh government spokesperson Murtaza Wahab has said that there will be no congr... 3

Sindh government spokesperson Murtaza Wahab has said that there will be no congregational prayers including on Friday from March 27 to April 5.

The spokesperson added that only 3-5 people from the mosque staff will be able to pray inside the premises while all other people will have to pray at home. He further said that the decision has been taken after consultations with medical experts and ulema from all sects.


Sindh government spokesperson Murtaza Wahab has said that there will be no congr... 7


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  1. جب کوئی بلا یا مصیبت آسمان سے نازل ہوتی ھے تو مساجد کو آباد کرنے والوں سے ہٹالی جاتی ھے۔

  2. It is a welcoming decision but in my opinion, it should have done many days ago to spread awareness that islam is the best and accomodating religion in the world.

  3. It’s not time for point scoring all are doing utmost in fight against corona, hope country will emancipate from this virus. IA

  4. Blood of these people who are going to die due to clueless behavior of pti gov and inability to take action will be on the hands of Gov. They’ll have to copy sindh government again but if you have to do it why delay it to the time when its too late.

  5. Good decision ever taking in history , while it’s good way to create obstacles for virus to stop praying in mosque , really appreciated, all gathering should be stopped and banned including mosques, pilgrims gathering , and other gathering , where in major cities where population matter and Caorna spreading with ease.

  6. Imran Khan should follow the decision of the Govt of Sindh . This is very urgent and important for containing this pandemic .

  7. Good decision under such precarious situation. But what about others who are out in grounds to play cricket??? I have witnessed more than 50 boys playing in a ground here in Rawalpindi. I think their parents are not serious to save them.

  8. First country in the world. Haveing no agreement among its self in how to fight this virus.
    PM narindha modhi directs and whole india locks down.
    PM imran khan directs not even single CM follows. Hence today its clear that we as a nation dont need one PM but 5CM to direct us. As after 18th amendment powers of PM are restricted to the territory of Islamabad only. Shame on us

  9. Rational decision making by the panel.People must need to cooperate by taking safety precautions as Health is a relationship between you and your body
    #Gharmerahona #Ehtiyaatkarona

  10. This should have been the first decision that should have been implemented across the country last week itself..

    It’s a crucial time, people need to understand viruses don’t understand smaller intervals..

    Also,people need to realise that God is not just confined to mosques…

    #riseabove #beresponsible

  11. Sindh government has clarity in its decisions,on the other hand federal has ambiguity and totally confused.However they take decisions but after public pressure and changing circumstances.

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