Sindh govt announces suspension of congregational prayers

Sindh govt announces suspension of congregational prayers 3

Sindh govt announces suspension of congregational prayers 7

Sindh Minister for Local Government Syed Nasir Hussain Shah has announced that from tomorrow (March 27) only three to five people designated for mosques will be permitted to offer congregational prayers in the province. General public will offer prayers at home as per the guidance of religious scholars.


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  1. When the decision has been made that schools in Pakistan will be closed till May 31, then why are #Private schools receiving a fees per month 15000 by calling parents. when will this corrupt mafia be prosecuted? #Supreme Court of Pakistan and #Prime Minister #Imran khan when will take action against the corrupt Mafia? Specially The #City School or #Beconhouse School.

  2. Finally the religious scholars have showed some responsibility and helped the govt in this issue. Late it is, but our collective conscience reached at mutual grounds having sleepwalked.

  3. If the government has to deal with this religious matter today then give the permanent leave to all the government clerics who can’t even make a decision for people’s good.

    I suggest that the government should decide every religious affair from now on, including sighing the moon for Eid or Ramzan. No need for Ruet E Hilal Committee.

    These clerics are good for nothing. They’ve become a burden on Pakistan’s economy now.

  4. Religious congregations continued, despite the warnings. Such gatherings are the biggest source of spread of the infection…. The number of cases being reported is just the tip of the iceberg. …..the number of cases is multiplying each day….

  5. Mitchell Frangadakis in God Is Ethics writes: “Bertrand Russell offers a story that illustrates the difficulty and depth of the problem. At the time of the so-called “Black Death”, a plague that devastated Europe and Asia in the 14th century, the pastor of a small congregation was growing worried about the contamination reaching the people of his village. It was known that large numbers of the population in a nearby province had already been infected and were dying in a horrible manner from this devastating disease; therefore the pastor reasoned that this awful reality couldn’t be far from their doorsteps. In light of this he decided that the best recourse was to call his congregation together so that they might all pray to God for deliverance from this evil. The true believers came together in the small crowded Church and fervently prayed for help. Because they trusted in the efficacy of their prayers so absolutely, they ignore the process of enquiring into and understanding of the actual etiology of the disease. As a consequence of this collective ignorance every member of that congregation, along with the priest, died from the plague within a few days’ time.”

  6. Sindh government has been doing really well lately. Kudos to all government officials of Sindh. Punjab should learn from them. Everybody should take this virus threat seriously. Social distancing is the only way which can bring this menace under control because we don’t have health facilities to accommodate a huge influx of patients.

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