The Sindh government has announced that citizens will not be allowed to offer co…

The Sindh government has announced that citizens will not be allowed to offer co... 3

The Sindh government has announced that citizens will not be allowed to offer congregational prayers ⁠— including Friday prayers ⁠— in mosques.

The decision came only hours after the federal government said that mosques would remain open and congregational prayers would be offered in "limited numbers".

Spokesperson for the Sindh government Barrister Murtaza Wahab announced the provincial government's decision on Twitter and added that the decision was taken after consultations with ulema and medical experts.

As per the Sindh government spokesperson, five people including mosque staff will be permitted to offer congregational prayers.

The decision will be in effect from March 27 (tomorrow) till April 5.


The Sindh government has announced that citizens will not be allowed to offer co... 7


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  1. Pti govt. Ko in dinun sindh walun se bohot kuch seekhne ki xarurat hai.. Welldone Sindh govt, welldone CM sindh..

  2. No gathering no gathering no gathering no gathering
    Please dont wait for someone to ask you .make your own decisions and dont leave house

  3. Seems Sindh govts watched IK to take bold decision, he miserably failed them so they went unilaterally

  4. Good decision by Sindh Govt. All Muslim countries are practicing it, so it should be practiced fully in Pak too.

  5. At least someone is using his head at this time of crisis. Thank you Sindh government for this wise step.

  6. pakistan should ban all prayers till at least for 30 days or total lackdown as indian government india all mandir,masjid,churchs are closed til 14 April and give ordered to pray from home.this is the only solution to fight with it spread rapidly with people distancing is veey important to break the chain of the corona virus.advanced country like italy,spain,france,america with good health sector and less population failed to control this virus then imagine what will happen if it spread in India and pakistan which health services infrastructure is not so guys stay at home for your saftey.

  7. Sindh govt is having grudge with center .. If Center decide it number so it should be .
    You should not ban prayer .

  8. Also shutter down supermarkets IMT and LMT.. government just allow retail stores and pharmacy in these condition

  9. Everywhere in Pakistan mosques should be locked as it is the need of hour.. Otherwise people who go mosque can’t help handshaking.

  10. Fedral Govt has been hijacked by people with vested interests.
    1st it was Industrialist who opposed, because their profits and money were at risk.
    Now it seems molvis seem to blackmail as well.

    In summary, Govt cares about these black mailers’ approval rather than people’s lives… sad

  11. I hate to admit this, but I think I have stopped hating the Sindh Government as much as I did earlier, a little less with each passing day.
    Stay strong Murad!

  12. Feeling guilty because I cast my vote in favor of PTI and persuaded others to do the same. Didn’t expect Imran to cross the limits of stupidity!! Hats off to Sindh Government.

  13. What Sindh govt has done is to limit number of people in the mosque as provided under this consensus. This pragmatic move by the province is in line with federal government decision . Kudos to CM Sindh for timely decision

  14. Sindh showing how it’s done!

    PTI’s only legacy at this point is being indecisive, catering to zealots and petty politics. Shame on them for lacking the spine for making difficult decisions!

  15. Center is copycatting every move of Sindh Govt. Well done #SindhGovt! Well done #CMSindh.
    Punjab has Buzdar and we have Speen Charg. (White Chicken Mehmood Khan).

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