Pakistan’s tally of coronavirus cases has reached 1,500, with 12 deaths having b…

Pakistan's tally of coronavirus cases has reached 1,500, with 12 deaths having b... 1

Pakistan’s tally of coronavirus cases has reached 1,500, with 12 deaths having been reported in the country so far.

The first case of Covid-19 had emerged in the country on February 26.


Pakistan's tally of coronavirus cases has reached 1,500, with 12 deaths having b... 5


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  1. This dajjali media is attacking people psychologically. This virus is more of an electronic than biological. People should understand this 90% of infected people will not take even a a panadol. Like saeed ghani boris johnson and so many others

  2. In reality cases are in fact much more than that even in thousands, as we are not doing aggressive testing due to lack of kits, so actually we don’t know how much people Corona infect in reality

  3. as a data & analytics professional … i think authorities in PK are not looking at the data in the right manner. Data if not analyzed in correct way is just as looking at a car with 4 wheels without knowing its engine specs.

    Instead of looking at total count of covid19 confirmed cases. Following is what needs to be analyzed
    1. In each city there is diff population size. So comparison among them is senseless. So look at confirmed covid19 cases per 10,000 population sample.

    2. another measure is to not report only count of covid19 confirmed in total population but rather see count of covid19 confirmed cases over count of total tested case. This ratio is much more powerful, if the ratio decreases this will confirm that the more people are tested the likelihood that they are not confirmed covid19 is high/

    not to forget other key influencing parameters like population age, density etc…

    i wish the government of Pakistan at least now in the wake of this pandemic or crises gives rise to a specialized data/analytics team to work on these things. Data science can uncover and help to resolve lot of mysteries

  4. ‏چین : ماسک پہنیں
    اٹلی : گھر میں رہیں
    برطانیہ: دو میٹر کا فاصلہ رکھیں
    امریکہ : 20 سیکنڈ ھاتھ دوھیں.
    پاکستان : جِیہڑی رات قبر وچ اے… او باہر نئیں

  5. میڈیا حرام خوری کی جانب گامزن ہے۔ جب انسے کہا جاتا ہے جس کسی کا کیس رپورٹ ہو اسکا نام پتہ مینشن کیا۔جائے ۔۔لیکن ایسا نہی کرینگے۔تعداد نہ بڑھنے کی فکر ہے۔۔ ہر فرد کی بریکنگ بنانے کی فکر ہے۔۔اپنے آقاووں سے غریبوں کے خون پر پیسے بٹورنے کی فکر ہے۔۔

  6. یہ جو سوران باہر بلا وجہ گھوم پھیر رہی ہے نا یہ سب ان بے غیرتوں کا کیا دھرہ ہے ان کی جہالت نے کئی اور لوگوں کو بھی لے ڈوبنا ہے

  7. Kids are still playing cricket.
    Police is availbale only on main roads of karachi which is basically wrong. Only few police personell should be on maon road and remaining may roam around in societies/ within residentail areas.
    And best thing is to impose heavy fines on parents. In this way it would generate funds too for Corono virus.

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