Why Was Normandy Selected For D-Day?

Why Was Normandy Selected For D-Day?

In the debut episode of the Logistics of D-Day we explore the logic and planning that resulted in Normandy being chosen as the location for the largest amphibious invasion in the history of human kind.

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Thank you to AP Archive for access to their archival footage.

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  1. Huge thanks to Simon Clark for reading that radio announcement last minute yesterday. The original version of this video on Nebula has the original radio speech, but some American music label seems to think they own the rights to BBC speech from 1944…

  2. Lame Lame Lame! For a purported war history video to leave out the sacrifices of so many other nations' soldiers who paid the ultimate price on the sands of Normandy: "Led by British and US forces [only]…" And as of 2021 you still have not made an edit. Shame Shame Shame!!! My uncle was in the First Hussars, Company C driving a Sherman on Juno Beach, a CANADIAN BEACH…

  3. The docu is weak. There are not a lot of reasons named why Normandy was chosen. From my point of view another alternative could have been for ex. the Dutch coast between Den Haag and Zandvoort. It is about the same distance from Brittain. It has beaches – Two main harbours Amsterdam and Rotterdam close by – it is far closer to Germany the main objectives of the allieds.

  4. Didnt matter where it happened all of germanys main armys was dead on the eastern front, by the time d day happened, there was only little pockets of resistance left.

  5. Because there are so many comments on this. All the allied troops contributed to the war effort in making DDay successful. The reason the US gets so much credit is for a few reasons. Yea the Canadians completed all their objectives but they also had the fewest and some what turned out to be SOME of the easiest (not all of them were easy objectives I know). The British don’t get credit as they fought hard was due to Montgomery, he was an absolute idiot. Market garden was his blunder and many British leaders despised him because his opinion could never be swayed. Also British were using a lot of US made military vehicles due to their lack of supplies. The Russians did not and would not have won the war. Their only luck was that finally a second front opened up because they were getting pummeled by the Germans. They wouldn’t have held up and push the Germans back to coast without a second front that got more of hitlers attention. This is not to say they didn’t fight valiantly. All of them did and helped to end the war much quicker and save more lives. America gets a lot of credit because we fought majorly in both theatres of war… primarily that is seen in the pacific without the marines invasion and holding Guadalcanal the war would’ve been even worse off one Europe as Japan was Americans number one concern at the time. There are many more factors into this as well but there’s not enough space to keep writing. Have a good day everyone.

  6. The photo that comes in to the upper-right at 14:45 is of my grandfather coming ashore in the 3rd/4th wave on Omaha Beach. This photo is one of a series that shows him and his engineering unit coming ashore.

    His name was Richard Exline.

    Those not believing, first compare the face in the photo with that in his obit. Next he left an oral record at the New Orleans World War II museum about his experiences landing on Omaha and in World War II, and his discovery of the existence of this photo, and series, in the middle 90s. He said that as he and his unit were coming ashore he did see the camera man, but just forgot about it: Bigger concerns. He told me that at some memorial/event he was shocked in the middle 90s by his young face staring back at him from a huge poster on the wall.

    Few more from the series: https://imgur.com/a/FRe0T1n
    My grandfather's obit: http://phaneuf.tributes.com/obituary/show/Richard-W.-Exline-91035817

  7. The failure of the Dieppe raid wasn't entirely because of poor planning and coordination. The main purpose of the raid was to assess the difficulty of assaulting and capturing a port

  8. How is it that the allies haven’t landed in Crimea yet???
    Haven’t they GUARANTEED territorial integrity to Ukraine in exchange for Ukraine giving up its nuclear weapons?

  9. The German High Command first thought that the Allies would invade at Calais, because it made the most sense. Normandy would make for a longer, more difficult Channel crossing.

    Further, the Allies created a fake army group in Scotland, under the command of George Patton. The High Command believed Patton was the best Allied field commander and would lead the invasion force. With the decoy army grouo in Scotland, the Germans had to plan for crossings at Calais all the way north to Norway. An invasion of Normandy by an army group training in Scotland made no sense. Either the amphibious assault would travel a great distance by sea or would need to move south to England before putting to sea.