A Guide To Designing Low-Cost Ventilators for COVID-19

A Guide To Designing Low-Cost Ventilators for COVID-19

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Writer/Narrator/Animator: Brian McManus
Editor: Dylan Hennessy (https://www.behance.net/dylanhennessy1)
Animator: Kirtan Patel (https://kpatart.com/)
Sound: Graham Haerther (https://haerther.net/)
Thumbnail: Simon Buckmaster https://twitter.com/forgottentowel

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Thank you to AP Archive for access to their archival footage.

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  1. ah yes, now everyone and their left toes are coming out of the wood work with their badges, tittles, degrees and claims. None are trustworthy.

  2. This video explained a lot of questions I had about these low cost ventilators , Other videos where a little patronising and explaining the obvious .

  3. 4 months later. Problem persists. Who disliked this? Seriously. This is a problem for us all. Aside from the casualties, this is a year where children were robbed of education by people who didn't want to wear a mask, wash their hands or keep their genitals contained (VICTORIA AUSTRALIA, this is you).

  4. if you need PEEP, and non-mandatory breathing features, wouldnt a small fan with variable speed control connected between the mouthpiece and the balloon work if you couple that with an airflow sensor situated between the aforementioned fan and balloon? it all could feed to an arduino which controls the pressure of the ventilator. One could also remove the mouthpiece in favor of a tube. @Real Engineering

  5. I saw an idiot in the comments of one of his more recent videos trying to convince people that anyone who gets one of the vaccines they have now will die within 1-2 years.

  6. I built a super low cost ventilator and like many of my inventions, it sits in a box and I'm on to another project. I am saying this in case someone wants to develop it. Parts cost is approximately $60 in single quantities and runs on any steady source of air or CPAP machine. I use disposable exhalation valves to control inhale and exhale and has minimal rebreathed volume.. It is the only ventilator ever to have zero work of breathing (WOB). I do this by triggering a breath when exhale flow drops below an adjustable level. When you finish exhaling you get a new breath. It is very relaxing and because it waits for exhale is always synchronized with the patient. There is no need for a backup mode because it will keep on going even if the person isn't breathing at all. It is very safe due to a free flowing one-way valve that lets a person inhale outside air freely at any time. Pressure triggered ventilators can not do this. You expend no effort drawing a negative pressure to trigger a breath. So the lung sacs don't collapse and you don't really need a baseline pressure (PEEP) to keep the sacs inflated. Nonetheless, you can create any baseline pressure you want with the exhale flow level adjustment. It uses a Toyota mass air flow sensor ($11), two solenoid valves ($4 each), a simple two chip analog electrical circuit ($10), two knobs, two switches, two LEDs ($10), an enclosure ($5) and a fitting to mount the flow sensor ($6). It has two good things going for it, the lowest cost and the highest comfort. And probably the easiest to use and adjust and has the smallest footprint.

  7. if PEEP is a System where constant pressure it made sure so that the alveoli don't close out completely how is the carbon dioxide exhaled out?