The NCC meeting has recommended that individual shops of electricians, tailors, …

The NCC meeting has recommended that individual shops of electricians, tailors, ... 3

The NCC meeting has recommended that individual shops of electricians, tailors, plumbers and carpenters be allowed to open, while street vendors be allowed to operate too. "There are a variety of opinions on this issue and it is recommended that the provinces decide on this issue as per their own judgement and circumstances," reads a press release issued later in the evening.

Other low risk industries allowed to operate include:
chemical and manufacturing plants
e-commerce for export
e-commerce for local deliveries of necessary items
software development and programming
paper and packaging units
Industries whose labour is present in their premises
Cement and fertiliser plants
Mines and minerals
Dry cleaners and laundry services
Horticulture nurseries
Units making agricultural machinery
Glass manufacturing
Veterinary services
All export industries provided their orders are confirmed by the Trade Development Authority of Pakistan
Books and stationery shops


The NCC meeting has recommended that individual shops of electricians, tailors, ... 7


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  1. People must take responsibility of keeping physical distance otherwise joblessness and poverty will kill everyone.

  2. Mr imran khan you are done…. You are done man go back to home being PM is not your job really you do not have experience really and this is not a good time to get some experience. You are done

  3. Government should ease the situation by lifting the lockdown now. When Nation is not contributing then why the hell government should do? Let everyone learn lesson on their own.

  4. Sabzi mandi open gala mandi open no check and balance now they are saying plumberseans sanitary shops saying tailirs mean embroidery peecko and laces shops electricians means ekectric shops too than what is left behind ….govt doing non productive meetings n drama

  5. What is left behind to open? It is essentially opening everything. U allow these shops then there is public on the roads…

  6. In short,
    According to the list everything will be operative(open) from tomorrow
    Except Religious and Educational Institution.
    Shame on this decision

  7. They are already operating in Punjab – the lockdown here is a JOKE. People are still doing weddings, parties, and going out like it’s a picnic.

  8. درزی، پلمبر،الیکڑیشن ، مکینک، حجام اور سیلون کو اجازت
    باقی سب بند رہے گا

    ترکھان، ریڑھی بان، بھٹے،بجری کی کرشنگ،فرٹئلائزر کھلیں گے
    باقی سب بند رہے گا

    شیشہ انڈسٹری،ای کامرس، ایکسپورٹ، کیمکل، سیمنٹ کارخانے کھلیں گے
    باقی سب بند رہے گا

    ہر وہ فیکٹری کھلے گی جس کی لیبر اسی فیکٹری تک محدود رہے گی
    باقی سب بند رہے گا

    جانوروں سے متعلق ضروری سازو سامان ، زرعی آلات کی فیکٹری کھلیں گی
    باقی سب بند رہے گا

    پودوں کی نرسریاں اور تمام ضروری ورکشاپس کھلیں گی
    باقی سب بند رہے گا

  9. ‏کنسٹرکشن انڈسٹری کھلی پبلک ٹرانسپورٹ بند ، مزدور اپنی گاڑی پر کام پر جائے، کنسٹرکشن مشینری کے سپیئر پارٹ والی دکانیں بند ، درزی کی دکان کھلی، کپڑے والی بند ، مکینک کی ورکشاپ کھلی سپیئر پارٹس والی دکان بند ،
    کاپی پیسٹ کیا ہے مگر با ت میں دم لگتا ھے

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