Are you thinking about moving to Germany? Here are my top 13 reasons why life in Germany is awesome!
Full article on why you should move to Germany:

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About me:
I am Anna – an explorer, traveler, and global citizen who originated in Mother Russia. No, I wasn’t born rich, I worked since the age of 17 because my family couldn’t afford my education even in Russia, where it’s actually free. From the young age, I know how to achieve goals and I am glad to help you to do it too!
The last 5 years I have spent in Germany, Greece, Austria, and India working, studying, or volunteering. Currently, I am pursuing my big goal – a bachelor in International Business in Austria.
On this platform, I am helping people from around the world move to Germany to work, study, or start a business.


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  1. i believe for many people living in germany is better than most other countries , but at the same time the quality of your personal live is way more depending on the people you spend your time with and your personal needs , Norway is a great place to live and the people are just friendlier and not artificial friendliness no you feel that it`s a from the heart friendliness and you have the same opportunities you have in germany france spain etc and you can find work around the world and germany is not special in that regard because money isn`t everything .
    The fact that germany is safe is one of the things i would point out … Food is cheap in germany energy is very expensive in germany the total cost of living is what is important for you .
    And about pensions many germans face very low pensions in germany it might be the same in many other countries but the fact that you have worked all your live means nothing .

  2. Unlike some other comments, I like exactly your calm, quiet way of speaking. And that really absolutely delightful accent, wonderful.
    How long have you been speaking German? I ask because the word BONUS was pronounced with absolutely no accent.
    Thanks for your video and your opinion.

  3. Well…glad you like it here but Frankfurt is not the biggest Airport in Europe….it‘s number three after London and Paris. It‘s the biggest by Cargo and 4th in the world. Always nice to see a foreigner how they appreciate the country and system. Yours, a Black German

  4. I liked the video but I have to admit something. If you are unemployed in Germany you might go on a kind of wellfare so the healthinsurance will be payed by the government. Only if you are independet you have to take care for the health insurance of your own.

  5. I am a German and I like to watch channels like yours. So many Germans blaming about the government, the costs, the taxes, etc. But people like you show us that we are blessed and have so many liberties and possibilities. Thank you for this!
    I hope you will every day enjoy more and more to live in Germany. 🙂

  6. The health system is not free !!! The health insurance company pays for all of your doctor and hospital visits. You pay a part if you pay a small contribution after a hospital stay, which is calculated by the length of the stay.

    We don't have too few workers because it is due to wage developments that not everyone wants to work for wages, which would mean underpayment. The employers try to suggest wrong information to foreigners that there are too few here to hire you for less wages, that again we don't like skilled workers because our unions don't like that foreigners come here as strike breakers to preach wage dumping.
    And for information: We have had a 36 hour week. But employers also undermined this with temporary workers such as foreigners.
    It is much more complicated than you think and many do not like it when foreigners advertise Germany as a country where everything is better. What annoys us is that foreigners are misused for wage dumping, extended work hours a day and other negative aspects that we abolished through strikes in the 80s are back again by ignorant workers from abroad!

  7. I can relate to your list of reasons as I have lived over 10 years in Berlin. I also have a video about my reasons why I love germany on my channel, you may want to check it out. Good luck with your channel.

  8. Sorry, your calm way might be pleasant for others. But I can barely hear you. For those who like your quiet talk should rule the volume down. Wish you all the best, cheers.