The Soviet WW3 Plan to Cut Europe in Half – Seven Days to the Rhine

The Soviet WW3 Plan to Cut Europe in Half - Seven Days to the Rhine

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Only revealed in 2005, the once top-secret “Seven Days to the River Rhine” allegedly exposed the Warsaw Pact’s plan to win a nuclear World War III against the NATO powers boarding the Iron Curtain during the Cold War. In the military simulation, it was thought that NATO would actually be the first to strike, hitting Poland and Czechoslovakia with tactical nuclear weapons in an effort to cut off East Germany in advance of a NATO invasion. To counter, Seven Days to the River Rhine prescribed an aggressive response. Nearly 200 nuclear bombs, including some up to 500-kilotons, would rain down West Germany, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, and Italy as the Warsaw Pact sought to push the Iron Curtain to the Rhine River…


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  1. Actually… more of a plan to win WW3 (or end the world) if you think about the consequences of dropping that many nuclear bombs. Don't forget to check out our new Dark Skies video after you watch this one! It is a wild story about when Iraq (allegedly) equipped a Falcon business jet with exocet missiles and (accidentally?) attacked a US warship:

  2. This is a perfect example of the enormous cognitive disconnect at the time. "Strategic" plans for a massive blitzkrieg-style invasion AFTER launching 189 nuclear weapons? Assuming that neither side, each holding 50,000 or more nukes, would escalate? It was insanity. I remember being in 8th grade, and researching a presentation in social studies, and finding the statistics, and the whole idea of "winnable" nuclear war vs. MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction), and thinking that the entire world was in total denial and crazy.

    It may well be that the Chernobyl accident in 1986 saved us all from a much worse fate. That event reminded everyone of the absolute horror of large-scale radioactivity, and completely undermined faith in the Soviet system. After the collapse of the Warsaw Pact, and later the Soviet Union, one of the great achievements of the past 30 years has been the reduction of the number of nuclear weapons to almost a 10th of what existed back then. With 6-7000 warheads still held by both the US and Russian militaries, there are still far too many, but the progress has been remarkable and hopeful. If only people can appreciate those efforts, and not let them be reversed!

  3. Never happen in the east german army 1970-1990 nothing worked lived there for a nice 18 months in 2016 the guys said if they had 7 trucks you would lucky if 2 worked it would be a hugh traffic jam even with the big up grades done you allways had hour long jams on week days, sundays you could easy criuse from old border to dresden at 240km nato should have attacked then or new years eve, know one would know there was a war till 24 hours later as more fireworks are use than the rest of world uses 10 times over it like the bliz but in 1 night the german kids would throw firecracker at the russians who would shoot up everthing they did this all year long

  4. Ex-RAF engineer here (1976 – 1988) We were specifically told to expect attack by the Spetsnaz (Soviet Special Forces) and during exercises we had secondary duties as armed guards and sentries etc. Every RAF station had an SRF (Station Reaction Force) which was a mobile unit in a Land Rover including a guy with a big machine gun (usually me) who drive to any 'hot spot' on the fence and engage anyone breaking in.
    And while it was (sort of) fun setting up the gun on it's bipod and letting rip with a load of blanks, it was also deadly serious. Alert state was always known and changes rapidly discussed. The big exercise each year (TACEVAL) ended in a nuclear strike scenario. It was assumed as a matter of course that every single US base would be hit, along with all RAF active airfields and radar sites etc etc. We wore NBC gear outside for the last day of the three day exercise, and respirators, gloves, boots etc. And tasks were assigned, such repairing damaged network cables and comm links etc.
    Everyday life was routine, often dull, just like every other engineer/tech, but when the siren sounded it was an instant switch to becoming an armed trooper (if a slightly unfit one lol) and you KNEW the USSR was your enemy. It was ingrained, and the only exception was the IRA when they starting attacking the mainland UK. We hated the IRA with a passion, especially following the Hyde Park bombing. That was some evil shit right there, and unforgivable under any circumstances….
    I think the only thing I can say with confidence that we could deal with back then was Soviet bombers. We had good radar coverage, extremely good anti-jamming, a good amount of fighters and both long range and short range SAMs. Everything else though? Probably just survival and hope for the best…

  5. "The plan called for this…", "The plan called for that…"
    “No plan of operations extends with certainty beyond the first encounter with the enemy’s main strength.” -Helmuth von Moltke the Elder

  6. The left is applying this policy by means of indoctrination and infiltration in the big cities. The far left is still waging war against west europe. Only the means are changed

  7. Interesting Program all I can say is the lunatics had taken over the asylum.
    what would the Soviet union have gained from occupying an radioactive waste land of Western Europe ‘nothing’ the Soviet union and the Warsaw Pact countries would have been completely Nuked
    they would have been nothing left again, Very rapidly there would have been a complete collapse in a Soviet union and the Warsaw Pact leading to Chaos there would have been nothing left.
    But it is interesting that the Russians would not have used strategic nuclear weapons Against Britain and France But the Russians may have used tactical nuclear weapons About three or four times the size of the one we dropped on Hiroshima,
    Britain or France would have counter-attacks use his tactical nuclear weapons.
    probably because they knew that if they did what was left of the Soviet union would be in ashes within a few hours because once’s Britain or France started Fired its nuclear weapons Americans would have very rapidly gone to all out nuclear war and the World would have ended as we know it. All I can say is thank God it never happened let’s hope it never does.

  8. The US strike on the USSR as a whole would have irradiated all of Europe with radioactive material that would essentially kill any human not underground. PPE or not ground troops from all sides would die at the end.

  9. Yes Russia's been invaded twice(no matter what anyone says what saved by American support through supplies and weapons) but I wish they knew that we don't want that s*** country and I don't think that they want to invade others except for to have buffer Nations in case we invade but NATO cannot be defeated. And I wish that we could get closer with Russia because that would absolutely deal with China

  10. Communist nations like Russia, China always seem to think a victory in a Nuclear war was possible because they never cared about massive casualties, just as long as their leaders and a significant # of civilians could be sheltered properly. Ironically same concept as NAZIS in a conventional war.

  11. These were the same old Bears they flew over our ships in the 60's as part of their plan to take over Europe. The same old
    failed plan they were using in the 60's with the exception our equipment is a lot better.

  12. Considering the imperialist inference of the US in Persia/Iran, Sud America, Italy, Iraq (should I go forward?) Warsaw Pact fear of a preemptive attack had some basis. In the ‘60, moreover, the nuclear balance was totally favorable to the US, both for warheads deployed and for carriers. And the famous rocket gap cited by Eisenhower was just a superb marketing operation by Krushev and OKB-1 geniuses.
    By the way it didn’t go bad and we’re still here.

  13. This plan is fucking insane. But the Soviets thought the French would true to form pussy out of the bloodshed is a valid one, though the fallout of multiple nukes surrounding their country . It make me wonder if radioactive fallout completely surroundsing countries wafting in their country. how is that any better? It like the USSR'S plan is too pie in the sky to a valid scenario.

  14. Worked for a while via oppression rather than choice, There are some key differences Russia ( and some other so-called superpowers) do not understand about cultural differences