⚡ NATO Bombing – The Killing of Sanja Milenkovic – Serbia 1999

⚡ NATO Bombing - The Killing of Sanja Milenkovic - Serbia 1999

Thanks to everyone who helped in this – Sanja’s father Zoran, of course, Mark for coming with me, Dittmar for proofing, thank you for watching. This is part of a completely independent, crowdfunded project, to show the truth about what happened in 1999. For any questions, if if you’d like to support my work, send me an email at gwplondon@gmail.com .

Thanks again. In memory of Sanja Milenkovic.


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  1. И да забыл-когда в Нови Саде сносили телецентр, разбомбленый НАТО вся трава в городе пожелтела летом.Может быть даже изза урана, который применяли в бомбах. И на Фрушковой горе бомбили вышку. Такая, вот, Гремушка, свобода слова.

  2. Никогда не забуду эти дни! Казалось, что это неправда, что это какой-то фильм… Люди шли в военкоматы и просили отправить их в Сербию. Кто-то пытался поехать сам (и поехал). А сербы говорили: людей у нас достаточно, нам нужно современное оружие… А я тогда ещё подумала: если бы существовал Советский Союз (и Варшавский договор), никто просто не решился бы устроить такое в центре Европы!

  3. Thank you Graham for your work. As an American I am deeply ashamed of the atrocities we participated in during this time. To my fellow Orthodox brothers and sisters in Serbia, forgive us, we love you, despite our government's villainous conduct.

  4. Never the most inviting uploads of your work however the huge conflict in the opinion forming media reporting of this appalling conflict demands my attention and so obviously the kudos is to you and yours for the time and effort maintaining this. If not least as the evidently crystal example of the dishonesty we are offered here in the so-called Free West. Keep safe and well there Graham.

  5. I wonder if NATO air pilots have High rates of suiside and mental problems. They deserve to have. They are the ultimate mercenaries. Great pay for murdering defenceless civilians in a foreign land without risk to themselves. Then when they get home and deserve to be spat upon by their own families…instead, even strangers say "Thank you for your service".

  6. This is only one victim and there are many more of the murderous NATO terrorist bombing campaign of 1999.
    The Federal Republic of Yugoslavia was targeteted by the international bourgeois dictatorship of the United States of America for its sovereignty was protected by the Milošević SPS left-wing government in regards to the territorial integrity of the South Slavic nation corresponding to the other former socialist republics and the Kosovo-Metohija province, it constituted a strong nation independent of the New World Order plans after the undemocratic dissolution of the USSR and the overthrow of actually existing socialism in Europe, Africa and parts of Asia as the government was elected through democratic and contested elections to protect the socialist character of the state and the remnants of the workers' management model and long-term prevented the expansion of the Atlanticist post-Second Thirty Years War bloc of imperialists to unravel any potential of the Russian Federation, having cultural ties with Serbia, and the surrounding states to act as a competitive counter-balance in the global political arena so as to continue the decolonization and democratization of the planet.

  7. Today you will learn what is up:

    Those who control
    control the world

    John Halford Mackinder

    USA can't conquer EurAsia but
    It can do this create Balance of Power:

    It's IMPERATIVE that no Eurasian challenger emerges
    capable of dominating EurAsia and thus of also challenging America

    Zbignew Brzezinski

  8. Today, NATO has no reason to exist. They employ 50000 people. All it does is keep the MIC in business by creating and supporting endless wars. It should be disbanded.

  9. NATO killed civilians and destroy infraestructure ( bridge,powerlines,fuel depot,Railways,roads) in Serbia and Montenegro all these warcrime to help and build the Pseudocalifate of Kosovo known for exporting Islamic terrorist and jewelry robbers!…

  10. NATO is soon done. If they called me a butcher before just for being Serb, just imagine how real it will become because of their constant propaganda