Operation Argus – The Secret Atmospheric Nuclear Tests to Create a Man-Made Radiation Belt

Operation Argus - The Secret Atmospheric Nuclear Tests to Create a Man-Made Radiation Belt

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Two months away from an impending October 1958 ban on atmospheric nuclear testing, the US Defense Nuclear Agency rushed to test an audacious new defensive capability – man-made radiation belts. Codenamed Operation Argus, the mission was initiated as a deeply classified U.S. Navy-led project to see if the United States could use its nuclear weapons to cast a protective shield around the Earth. Previous tests had shown that a man-made radiation belt could potentially disable or destroy intercontinental ballistic missile warheads. At least three experiments were conducted before the task force was quickly and quietly disbanded. Many records of the tests are still missing today…

– As images and footage of actual events are not always available, Dark Docs sometimes utilizes similar historical images and footage for dramatic effect. All content on Dark Docs is researched, produced, and presented in historical context for educational purposes. –


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  1. Until I watched this channel, I did not know that they did so many risky and dumb test with nuclear weapons… But I guess they didn't know any better then?

  2. So, surrounding the earth in a belt of radiation was the solution to incoming Soviet ICBM… if the nuke doesn't get you, the self inflicted radiation will. This one is right up there with the nuclear hand grenade for stupid ideas.

  3. I know there were treaties but I also know I saw a midday launch in I think 1970 of a Terrier missile, almost straight up and saw for a brief instant a second sun in the sky. That was somewhere in the tropical Atlantic.

  4. Idk if you're aware, but there's always an add to start and end each video- so when you put four adds in a ten min video, the viewer ends up sitting through six of them.
    I think you deserve pay for your work, no doubt about that, but the way the adds are set up kinda seem like a lot when watching. Maybe grouping them at either end of the video would be better, or one on each end and two together in the middle?
    It works out to like an add every two minutes….. which is a big reason why I don't watch tv lol

  5. Christopolis' only effect was cancer. That's your legacy maniac; the Cancerstopolis effect…. not to mention the holes in the ozone layer burned by these criminal tests. When will they lift protection over these agencies and force them to pay back the money they have siphoned from our world in clandestine funds to pay for the losses of quality in life due to cancer and environmental effects caused by their tests. They do have more money than the 7 biggest corporations COMBINED after all. They could easily pay the families of those afflicted by cancer, and all future citizens of earth for loss of future quality of life and environmental sustainability. All of the money should go to anyone born since the tests took place; proportionally more for those with family members afflicted by cancer. ALL of it; for they deserve none. These are crimes against humanity that deserve punishment.

  6. All they really needed to do was add nuclear radiation to all toothpaste. When first strike was incoming, they could beam their white shiny glowy teeth at the warheads and melt them all.

    I'm sure they tried..

  7. They don't need nukes or emp now they send out Virus to shut down the world and kill the old and sick next time they will tweak it and try again .COV 19 CCP VIRUS FROM CHINA WAIT TILL NEXT TIME THIS WAS TEST RUN

  8. This shit is insane, I don’t understand their attitudes back then they just said fuck it most the time. They knew little to nothing about nuclear weapons and power yet time and time again they just said fuck it and detonated them anyways. The greatest generations kids were serious idiots

  9. the sad thing is the VA blows the vets off when they say what they did in the service. it's hard to get treated for something that the government says you didn't get fucking cancer from being subjected to nukes. according to our records, you weren't there.

  10. Ahh just like operation fish bowl which came right after operation high jump….kinda like when somebody finds themselves in a doorless room they try to find a way out by any means necessary..
    The massive drill holes to go down.
    Operation high jump for the walls.
    Operation fish bowl for the ceiling.
    Operation paperclip for the lies.

    Ah good times.

  11. The New York Times was a criminal organization back then and it's still a criminal organization. I'm going to ask a scientist friend of mine if this event or events had something to do with the reason that Chemtrails are being sprayed all over now. Are they attempting to repair a broken ionosphere or magnetosphere? We know that solar weather has a lot to do with the weather here on planet Earth. But you won't hear the lunatic liberal on the left and their Progressive mouthpieces about that! They're too busy pushing climate change in order to get taxation money!

  12. Wouldn't be surprised if the thousands of nuclear tests done back then are the direct cause of genetic mutations nowadays like MTHFR. I'm part of the 40% of people that have it, and have 6 other mutated genes as well. Ive always wondered where they originated from smh.

  13. Would someone PLEASE tell me what the HELL it is that guy is wearing at 5:50 minutes/seconds into the video? I saw this same character in "Trinity and Beyond," only it was a more full view, and it looks as though the guy is wearing a black skull mask–with white teeth. It's freaking terrifyingly bizarre. I'm sure it must be some kind of protective suit… but someone tell me why the hell it LOOKS like that.

  14. so the reason why the data is missing, it probably shows that at the right altitude a nuclear blast in space basically destroys (not literally but functionally) all the orbiting satellites and essentially would put the planet back to around the time these videos were made from a communications standpoint. long story short global economy would stop among other non military things.. those alone negate it ever being done.. but if someone had a means to deliver, what a point of leverage they would posses.