A Secret Abandoned WW2 Gold Bunker Rigged with a Bomb

A Secret Abandoned WW2 Gold Bunker Rigged with a Bomb

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When a German World War II bunker in Marnate, Italy was reclaimed by the Italian Resistance Movement on April 26, 1945, an inspection of the structure revealed that it was completely empty except for a powerful 700 kg device rigged deep inside of it. The device seemed intended to destroy the bunker and hide its secret history should it ever be discovered…

– As images and footage of actual events are not always available, Dark Docs sometimes utilizes similar historical images and footage for dramatic effect. All content on Dark Docs is researched, produced, and presented in historical context for educational purposes. –


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  1. In hinesite it was a big mistake in 1953 that Germany was allowed to stop paying back the money it stole from all the countries that it invalid , they were all to quick to rebuild their country but other countries didn't have a stack of stolen funds to invest in their country and took many years to recover and rebuild their countries , after the war Germany claimed it was broke and borrowed money from some countries that it didn't fully pay back claimed poverty and so many countries fell for it and that how the 1953 agreement was born , if only they didn't believe all the lies and then Germany would have no say in any legal action bought against them.

  2. thumbs down for recording the amount of Gold in dollars rather than ounces. Seriously, what is the point of saying 1.xx million dollars of gold? is that in 1940 prices or is it what you personally think an oz of gold is worth.

  3. How does Dark Docs expect to keep their subscribers when there are more ads in their videos than actual video content? Somehow i made it to the end of this video but i really was considering not watching the whole thing because of the constant ads.

  4. It's strange that even though Italy was complicit with and just as terrible as Germany, only Germany is still known for the atrocities it caused during WW2. Nobody talks about the shit Italy did.

    On the contrary, Italy is basically loved by all. That makes zero sense.

  5. How in the world do you not have a million plus subs?
    It’d be a warcrime if you ask me…
    Edit: Keep up the superb research and continuing the fascinating history of a heartbreaking conflict.

  6. Thats alright!! Mr trump confiscated all that gold & the gold in the Vatican in 2018!! to start the Quantum gold-backed financial system!! WHICH IS BEING FUNDED PRESENTLY!!

  7. you ever get told stories from your parents about family members you didn't think were real? According to my dad Aldo Icardi is my… grandfather's cousin? I honestly just always thought the "master spy" of the family was a delusion conjured up by my dad…

    Thank you for this video! It's really cool to hear about this kind of history, all the things that seem like they were forgotten to the history books of highschool and college.