How To Fail At Character – The Rise of Skywalker

How To Fail At Character - The Rise of Skywalker

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The Rise of Skywalker was disliked by most people who saw it. In this video essay, I ask why this star wars film failed to resonate with its viewers, and I teach some valuable lessons on how to do a character well…

How To Fail At Character – The Rise of Skywalker

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  2. Awesome analysis, great thought process…always felt soemthing was missing in the movies, but was hard to put a finger on what could be done differently. Thanks for this!

  3. In your rewrite that you made here, Palpatine should have been a force ghost. Not strange revival, juwt a forcr ghost that can do the same thing, which is, call Rey to the dark side.

  4. You give JJ too much credit. All he did was take echoes of the original trilogy and remix them cut and paste style with no rhyme or reason. specifically, Vader's offer to Luke, and Yoda's warning to Luke (not to leave training early).

  5. Is Video Game Arc really a good way to describe a shitty arc? I mean yes you cant fail in it but you still have a story you go along to grow on….even if you are forced.

  6. theres something you forgot that has a huge influence in her character arc and is the reason your fix wouldn't work.
    shes a "strong female character", she cannot truly fail due to that ideology. making her fail to give her character growth runs counterpart to the ideology that a "strong female character" is strong because they cannot fail and if they do "its because you are -ist and -phobe".

    in todays world, main characters can unfortunately only be
    A) persons of color
    B) female
    C) LGBTQ+
    D) combination of the above

    and anything that would make these perfect beings, as stated by that ideology, less perfect is an insult to their representation and as such, they always must be the ideal, the perfect beings that can represent these "marginalized groups".

    what a load of shit
    rey's character is just one of the many symptoms of that ideology. you cannot fix it because those espousing that ideology don't see that its wrong and they would consider anyone attempting to fix that wrong as an attack against their "perfect being" and since they consider it represent them, they consider those attempts as a personal attack, a negation of their very sense of self (nevermind that they themselves never hesitate to attack).

    Addendum : for the list, there is a hierarchy of victimhood. it varies of which is superior to which but higher graded characters have to be more perfect than lesser graded.

    such is the woke

  7. My guess how the Star Wars Sequels were going to go when I heard they were coming:

    The remnants of the Empire are weak and spread out, but there's one terrifying Empire ship that seems to stealth around and randomly attack settlements and kidnap some VIPs / high up government people in the process. It's a simple ship that bombards the planet with big GUNS and it's simple and new (not planet destroying, they're not strong enough to make another one of those). In the 1st or 2nd film they defeat this threat and rescue all the VIPs, but something's off. In the next film(s) it's revealed (late) that the VIPs have all been replaced by CLONES of them that were brainwashed to be Empire puppets and regain their power, and there's some final conflict in relation to this new problem. Bam, trilogy done. Fit some Jedi / Sith shenanigans amongst all that and I would've loved it. But NO. WE GOT THIS SHIT. GOD DAMNIT.

  8. you're using too many "Rey fails" in your alternate story, and Disney wouldn't approve a single Rey failure …
    your arc would have been good if a StRoNg FeMaLe ChArAcTeR can fail … but obviously they can't.

  9. Your "consensus" might be amongst your friends (maybe?), however an 86% audience score in Rotten Tomatoes, 6.5 IMDB, 72% Google Users… all these do not support your main thesis

  10. I feel like one day Disney was like ok hire the directors we’re shooting the new Star Wars trilogy today in 6minutes, there was no overall plot development in the entire saga and each film could have been the 7th instalment

  11. I don't think it's possible to salvage the sequel trilogy by changing the last film; there are just too many problems in the foundations and walls that no matter how well-crafted the roof is, the whole thing is still going to collapse. To be specific, Rey is clearly the main character but she has no clear motivation and hasn't faced any obstacles she couldn't overcome with ease and a generous helping of plot armour. It's much too late in the trilogy to suddenly introduce character flaws and motivation. A competent writer would have foreshadowed her desire for power in part one as well as having her fail due to a lack of power in the first two films, only for her to (partially) turn to the dark side as an easy source of strength at the end of part two.
    Instead we get a character who gets dragged along by the plot for a 3 movies while "doing the right thing" out of a general sense of goodness and easily swatting aside any force users, enemy fighters and large mounds of rocks. Why on earth would she be tempted by power now? She's been unstoppable from the get-go!

  12. Oh man I loved this.. maybe the best fan theory/addition I've ever heard and I watch dozens of these a week. If we got to see a desert fight between Rey and Kyle that led to Rey mutilating Kylo it would've been so jaw dropping and brutally grounded

  13. if i were to add one thing.. this conflict would have been even better in the second movie..
    as you could, as a audiance, probably figure out, Rey probably wouldnt choose the darkside in the last 15 minuttes of the movie in any impactful way.

  14. I love this sort of thing, imagining a rewrite of the new movies that improves them. Like, I really enjoyed Rogue One, but I really think it would have been better if when Jyn finally found Galen on Eadu she came to believe he was voluntarily working with the Empire, actually motivating her to join the Rebels when she thinks her father has turned. Rather than just having Galen die, he kills Krennic on Scarif instead of Cassian, allowing the plans to be sent to Leia and reuniting with his daughter before they are both destroyed by the Death Star.

  15. ill never understand in rey and kylos dual on the death star why after stopping his lightsaber with the force she goes for his lightsaber instead of him. Disney really found a way to make lightsaber duals boring

  16. The issue you described here is a problem in the entire Sequel Trilogy:
    Rey never fails in a major and permanent way.
    It's why people keep on calling her a Mary Sue: Rather than her following the rules of the universe, the universe complies to her and changes its' rules so that she always wins, even when she fails to actually do anything meaningful.

  17. Interesting take on how to give Rey a much better story. I liked it much better than what we actually got. One critique of the video though… can we call Rey a "force user" rather than a "jedi"? Haha. She's NOT a jedi.