The Truth About 5G

The Truth About 5G

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Writer/Narrator: Brian McManus
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  1. Yes, the title is intended to draw in the conspiracy theorists. Clickbait for the greater good. While you are here, Real Science just released a fantastic video on the challenges surrounding Covid-19 testing. It taught me a lot about how viral tests work and why we are struggling to keep up:

  2. This video does a good job of reviewing some information, and I appreciate that however outrightly dismissing concern is dangerous in my opinion and does not reveal a wider overview of how this tech can compromise other aspects of our health. There are other factors of concern here; the amount of pulsation, the number of towers, the amplified effects it has on devices that surround us and which we carry, on our children, birds that migrate and populate in the northern part of North America, and on the health of bees. If you really want more information on this topic, please do a more thorough study of all unbiased science-based information.

  3. There are many doctors going to courts saying 5G IS harming many people.
    Think like an engineer? From the book THE QUANTUM WORLD written by the physicist Kenneth Ford are these words: "magically bursting forth are quarks spinning billions of times a second as 3 points of light forming protons and neutrons". This information proves that we are eternal energy beings constantly being created with energy and light. That is why the physicist Barbara Brennan says we are projected holograms. Those quarks/atoms are spinning and vibrating at just the right speed so that they resonate into these holographic bodies we are. Imagine that. Our souls are constantly engineering us as their energy and light projections. We are exactly like the images on TV and computer screens. It takes computerized electricity to create our images. We are not even biological. We are electrical energy fields that are eternal. We can't die because we are constantly being created images.

  4. Regarding how OFDM works, instead of rapidly transmitting bits one at a time, OFDM uses a longer time interval (eg, 1 millisecond) to communicate many bits in parallel. The outgoing bits are encoded into the phase and amplitude of 1000's of waveforms oscillating at specific carrier frequencies. To minimize interference, these carrier frequencies are chosen such that each carrier frequency undergoes an integer number of oscillations during the symbol measurement interval. This design implies that longer symbol measurement intervals can accommodate greater numbers of carrier waves, transmitting more bits in parallel, but less often. These 1000's of different waveforms, phase shifted and / or modulated in intensity, sum together to create the combined analog waveform that's detected at the receiver. The receiver digitally samples this incoming analog waveform for duration of the symbol measurement interval (typically ~1000's of samples), and then feeds this digitized sample sequence into an Inverse Finite Fourier Transform, which is an algorithm to recover the power and phase of each of the carrier waveforms (mathematicians call this "converting from the time domain to the spectral domain"). From those 1000's of different waveform phases and amplitudes, one recovers the bits of the message. See

  5. Apart from the new "5G" cold war with China threatening 3WW (seriously hotting up in Australia) and despite the reassuring Irish accent on a credible "looking" site…. I remain unconvinced as communities report health problems both physical and mental. Furthermore, insects, birds and trees are reported dying. In addition Bayer (for eg) and other corporations spend billions on disinformation and finally my own 5G headache from trying to sort Fact from Fiction.

  6. They are microwaves and have not gotten any long term safety tests, 5g is also banned in Brussels wherein a lot of EU suits reside. Also the fact that there are no videos saying 5g is dangerous, regardless of it being dangerous or not is very suspicious.

  7. Fact – when Curie discovered radioactivity, many stupid across Europe used those materials to decorate their houses and bodies…; and even Curie himself died (because 5G is inofensive)
    Fact – when DuPont came with Tefal it was considered a miracle, it took 50 years to realize that they have polluted the entire planet rivers and all the people of the earth with an indestructible (nondegradable) chemical, very dangerous (because 5G is inofensive)
    There are so many example of human confidence (ignorance)… that became catastrophes; so you are a bit stupid if you consider knowing everything about tehnology, knowing nothing about biology, an also nothing about not yet discovered biology.

  8. Pure propaganda. Using higher frequency's with beam forming tech means a lot higher power focused onto a smaller area. Never before has the population been submitted to this much radiation. And I am so sick of this ionizing and non ionizing BS. The so called ionizing frequencies are just that because higher frequency means higher energy concentrated to a smaller area (of skin on the body). Lower frequencies can also be ionizing if they are higher power or focussed.

    I used to work at Hughes Aircraft (EDD) in satellite communications and people that worked in high power amplifiers that were nowhere near the ionizing frequencies had to wear radiation badges that detected too much radiation. ALL frequencies can be ionizing. 5G is pushing it with their beam forming tech, period.

    I really hate it when these morons like in this video make claims about ionizing and non ionizing frequencies, they don't know what they are talking about they are just repeating what they have been told. ALL FREQUENCIES CAN BE IONIZING, it's power levels per area of skin exposed.

  9. Frequency waves are linked to affecting bird migration and the death of bees , Also the natural vibrations of the earth and our Bodies are being affected, implementing this many transmitters without any public input obviously was achieved behind closed door$ , ItÔÇÖs definitely affecting the earthÔÇÖs connectivity with life , We had zero choice or opinions before it was Implemented, Greed always wins

  10. 2019 as always, around 20 to 30 butterfly;s hibernate in the tack room behind my stable a space of about 10 by 4.5 feet.2020 after the roll out of 5 g with an antenna on every lamp post,just 3.

    This year after searching high and low only 2.

    Butterfly' are easy to spot what of those less easy.

    Forgetting the loss of more and more pollinators what about the loss of food and practice for young swallows ,house martins ,swifts and others to name but a few.These birds alone have a massive impact on the malaria carrying mosquito which kill over 1 million people, many of them children dying in agony and many horses, dogs and untold amounts of other animals YEARLY.

    My estimation of humanities survival not counting the most rich and powerful who already have their bolt holes prepared because hey ,who 's conducting this? 50 years,FIFTY YEARS.I may be out by a few years but by less and not more.Please wake up,if you love your children because their children will not survive . Please wake up,the time is now.

    Research and come up with your own opinion.If I'm wrong I would happily admit I was.

  11. I find it very peculiar that according to the US Congress 5G has never been investigated on whether itÔÇÖs harmless or not when asked if there any test on 5 G the government Official official said ÔÇť They didnÔÇÖt think it was Necessary,2018hearings.