☀ Holiday in YUGOSLAVIA!!! / Отдых в Югославии!!!

☀ Holiday in YUGOSLAVIA!!! / Отдых в Югославии!!!

Thanks for coming with me! Please leave your holiday / Yugoslavia feedback below! For any questions about my work, email me at gwplondon@gmail.com – thanks again!


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  1. My parents came from Yugoslavia, my father was only 8 years old when he came to Sydney, my mother came to Sydney in 1994, after they both met each other abroad, both of my parents arrived to Australia from overseas touching down in Sydney Int'l Airport on a Malaysian Airlines flight , after a year I was born in Sydney in March 14th 1995, i had never got to see or live in the golden era of Yugoslavia, i only saw videos and archived footage of the past, then the tragic end of it all, at very the moment i was born everything was raised to ash, i saw nothing but death and destruction coming from within and beyond it's borders, by outside influences.

    My first trip to my parents country of origin, Macedonia was in 2004, then in revisited 2008, 2012, 2014 and 2018.

    Almost everyday i wonder to myself, am i glad i never had to suffer the tragic end of my people's time, or do i wish i had been through what my parents and my grandparents and loved ones before me had to have gone through before the breakup and after?

    Was it worth going there, seeing all for the first time, how things used to be in the past, how my parents, family and relatives reminiscing of the good old days, when things were much simpler and easy going back then, now i can only thing about how much we've lost, suffered and gave up just to survive as normal civilised human beings, to be like the rest of us, being who we are, not being told what were supposed to be, after all the lies, the pain, the suffering, the backstabbing and the betrayals, the setbacks of our time, it ain't gonna stop me from learning my history and the stories i have yet hear and tell.

    We've built a nation, saw battles on all sides, factions and generations have fought to defend it, we've watched in fear and celebrated in triumph, we watched it thrive and burn time and time again, we look after our newly born, the young, the vulnerable and bury out loved one's and pay respects, we will rebuild, recover all that is lost, rebuild from the ashes of a splintered nation from the previous era, only time will tell our fate, not man, no plan can be drawn on us, for it is the will of the people that will determine our destiny.

  2. Beuatiful place Shame now the whole of Europe is suffering from the last virus invasion from bill Gates and his evil empires…and this is sadly just the beginning at least we still have a past worth fighting for wake up no vaccine kick there butts and let's return to a europe that was free from them like back in the 80s to 90s largely

  3. как красиво, люди такие красивые, шикарная природа, продвинутая европейская страна – всё было…нет же, влезли твари и разрушили цветущую страну :((( такое беззаконие совершили и никто не смог это остановить 🙁

  4. It's amazing how none of the happy people in this video knew what was coming. This is an example of how a new ideology, can completely destroy a people or a country. Very sad to watch.

  5. Those were the days in Yugoslavia … before The USA and their paid mercenary butchers divided and destroyed it. Just like they have done in so many other beautiful, culturally and traditionally magnificent sovereign nations! The USA, a country with virtually no culture of its own, has no problem destroying nations rich in culture and tradition!

  6. Graham Maršal Tito was a great leader of beautiful Yugoslavia, not a dictator, the western warmongers (dictators)
    bombed itt a part because Yugoslavia wasn't a Amerikkkan puppet. Serbia is still holding out, and the bastards don't like it.

  7. i saw the title and wondered how the heck you were going on holiday there during this pandemic. a very enticing documentary, thanks. can we still find areas like that when we go, say next year?

  8. unrelated comment i wonder if you have ever seen or reviewed the movie Before The Rain? it was set in Macedonia and England i think, but has lots of interesting cultural and political references

  9. I remember when i was kid that yugoslavia was a power in sports!..sadly was divided by western powers backed by NATO!..but pro western elites in all Yugoslavia republic was guilty of dividing their own country and turn them into insignificant states rule by few oligarchs!..on e example is the pro western liberal elites of Serbia…they sold his country in exchange of nothing!..no member of UE and lost Kosovo and Montenegro( sea coast)…