The Killer MiG Trap – F-4 Phantoms Disguised as F-105 Thunderchiefs – Operation Bolo Vietnam War

The Killer MiG Trap - F-4 Phantoms Disguised as F-105 Thunderchiefs - Operation Bolo Vietnam War

On January the 2nd, 1967, the United States Air Force launched an operation that defined a false track upon which both Vietnamese and Soviet armies would align their strategies throughout the Vietnam War. Operation Bolo, led by the celebrated American pilot Robin Olds, was one of the greatest deceptions of the conflict in which the US managed to mimic fake entire bomber formations and secretly spy on the North Vietnamese with only a handful of NSA aircraft. The North Vietnamese would lose one-third of their full MiG-21 arsenal to the ruse, and the Americans proved their strategic creativity with success after success over the enemy.

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  1. I had heard repeatedly that we weren't allowed to fight, if you know what I mean. They were hamstringing us at every turn, just like not being allowed to bomb an airfield. What kind of war fighting is that?

  2. This is a maneuver employed by Greg Boyington.
    He shot down numerous zero’s doing this exact same thing. Mimics a bomber squadron in formation, radio slang, and frequency. When the zeros come up to play, shoot them down.

  3. At NAS Miramar in "64 ish, the talk of the Station was the RAF exchange pilot who brought back and F-4 with all the leading edges singed! He was the toast of the pilots! I was VA 126, an instrument training squadron with pilots who were soooo ready to transition from the oldest jet in the Navy to the newest.

  4. NSA….a three lettered Government agency that infrefered in military operations. Naturally…we are from de govmnt and be hea to hepls….lol..Yeah? Please go away! We ain't buying anything. Lol

  5. Served in the Navy in 65-67, got around to a lot of airbases in US and VN. Always thought that the F4 was the most badass looking plane ever built.

  6. We have no idea the pilots' country…some were way too well trained to be Viet Cong, they had advance combat tactics…in 1965, the VPAF had only 36 MiG-17s and fewer pilots qualified, not combat tested and battle-ready type pilots…like the ones over the skies on Vietnam, and defiantly not trained enough to be taking down that many planes.