The Mysterious Disappearance of an A-10 Warthog – What Happened to Captain Button?

The Mysterious Disappearance of an A-10 Warthog - What Happened to Captain Button?

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Captain Craig Button was a United States Air Force pilot who disappeared while flying what should have been a routine training mission out of Davis–Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson, Arizona. Multiple attempts to establish radio contact with his Fairchild A-10 Thunderbolt II failed as it flew hundreds of miles off course. Radar was able to track his inexplicable flight into the Colorado Rockies before he vanished. It would be three weeks before his aircraft was found, and its 2,000 pounds of live bombs are still missing to this day…

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  1. He was driven nuts by his lunatic mother and her fake religion. By adulthood he was so deeply heartbroken that he was just waiting for the call to end it, then the rejection by the woman he loved and that was it. He'd felt a sort of calling or longing for the mountains. Only there would he find peace and an end to the endless suffering. He simply released the bombs harmlessly somewhere. Did they find the body? It's not even mentioned.

  2. @11:32 The father was in the military and the military does not believe in accidents. Accidents are assigned to people unwilling or unable to accept their actions. Let's face it, when we fly or drive (daily for that matter) we are accepting risk, like it or not. Some drunk hits you head on on a two-lane, that's negligence on that drivers' part as long as you're not found partly at fault. Sadly, we as a society of acceptance have passed down to the ever-younger generation that their negligent actions are 'not their fault' and merely accidents for someone else to clean up, be it the courts or a push broom.

  3. Why do morons immediately jump to “it was aliens!” for every little thing? Do they not hear how ridiculous and uneducated they sound? Why look at the actual evidence when you can live in delusional land and blame aliens for everything?

  4. Maybe he…. Dropped all of his armament, you know, he didn’t arm the bombs he just ditched them somewhere where a group of guys were waiting below and they picked up the (slightly damaged) bombs and smuggled them out of America and to a country like.. China, or Russia so they can dissect and reverse engineer them to make copies. Kinda of like what Russia did with the sidewinder that didn’t explode when it hit a MiG during a Vietnam air battle and it just stuck in the side of the MiG. The pilot landed and they extracted the sidewinder and sent it to Russia where they reversed engineered it and copied it.

  5. Im not buying the mental problem conclusion one bit. I can explain to you EXACTLY what happened. I may not be an avid skier but I went surfing every day there were waves for the last 50 years. There were 3 ft. of fresh powder on the ground! To me that equates to like the best waves of the year! He HAD to be there. Especially since the rest of his life was going through such a sucky period.
    Ok that's the motive let's talk about the cause. Fusilage mounted engines (Mcdonald Douglas) have a history of failing due to ice flaking off the wings and going straight into the engine. Flying around his favorite mountain would have exposed him to wind blown snow rushing up over the peaks which likely turned into ice on his wings and flaked into the engine. Such a failure would have caused him to go down but at the same time also given him enough time to eject the bombs to give himself a chance if he could find even a down hill to land on. Captain Button's parents should be told that the evidence shows that their boy was no traitor. Haha, I just noticed I wrote basically the same thing a year ago, two comments down. You get old, you repeat yourself!