Prime Minister Imran Khan says his government has decided against imposing a swe…


Prime Minister Imran Khan says his government has decided against imposing a swe... 3

Prime Minister Imran Khan says his government has decided against imposing a sweeping lockdown to curb the spread of the coronavirus, and will instead opt for "selective lockdown".

"After analysing with my Punjab team today, [we've decided that] we will not do lockdown but will do selective lockdown and seal hotspots," he told a press conference, saying the country's administration and police cannot afford a huge burden of a complete lockdown.



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  1. For the first time, it is felt we did mistake to vote present government.

    Disaster in overall economic growth, highest inflation, highest debt trap. That’s fine…

    But why transfer of all burden directly to middle & lower class and still no relief to salaried class or government employees. Taxes were increased manifold in previous Budget, devaluation of money, price hike, increased fuel gas, electricity tariff and what not …

    A decision imposed by someone ⁉️ One can just cry for helplessness on the account.

    100 big dislikes for such a bad decision… !!

  2. People are not animals that requires a curfew lockdown, they must realise themselves that its a danger everyone should follow the SOP.

  3. Every time he refers to countries like USA, India etc.where decision makers are equally idiots.
    Leave aside Germeny, South Korea, Singapore even in South Asia, Sri Lanka is performing far better. In Africa, Ugandan aging president is planning better n his speeches cover everything in detail n are motivating.
    Governments are not to surrender showing incapacities but to try finding way out.

  4. Which police are you talking about? While it was lockdown imposed by the govt they were taking 5000 per day to open half shutter of the shop. Afsus

  5. اگر شروع سے لاک ڈاون کی مخالفت نہ کرتے اور اپنی انا اور ضد چھوڑتے تو یہ نوبت نہ آتی۔نیازی کی ھٹ دھرمی کی وجہ سے یہ ھوا ھے ۔اس وقت جب سارے صوبے کہہ رھے تھے کہ لاک ڈاون ہی اس خا واحد حل ھے۔لیکن یہ اپنے آپکو عقل کل سمجھتا ھے ۔حالانکہ اس بندے مئں عقل نام کی کوئی چئز ھے ہی نئیں۔۔نالائقوں کا سربراہ اور خود نالائق عظیم

  6. Then he will take uturn.
    And ultimately will blame Nawaz sharif for worsening Corona virus situation.
    Also cricket should be banned in Pakistan forever.

  7. makes sense. though based on track record with new terms each time, looks like this is “emperor’s new clothes” again.

  8. The Ones who actually voted for you, and those who selected you are equally responsible for this condition of country.

  9. Tiger force.. nonsense.. instead of using the state mechinary which we pay tax for.. the country is being run by tiger force..

  10. These measures won’t succeeded until and unless strick action takes place against those who are not following SOPs.

  11. Excellent IK, very good decision, if someone see country with glasses of richie rich then lockdown and curfew is very wonderful it will create wonders in life and flatten the curve and All issues related to corona virus settled down but if someone see the country with visionary Ik’s eyes then someone can see the difficulties of poor man and completely understand the applicability and benefit of smart lockdown, it is very easy to say that imposed lockdown and curfew in every part of country when account having millions in credit, but when someone earn on daily basis then it’s a daily war if he wins then he can feed to his family if not then his children sleep with empty stomach, so millionaires please see with the glasses of IK.

  12. he is completely non visionary and short sighted
    When Prophet PBuH us told solution to this outbreak was quarantine .Who is he to invent new or experiment human lifes?. Extremely grim situation unfolding mammoth disaster ahead of us…..he wants to see bodies eaten up by termite all over lahore

  13. After the desastrous failure of SMART LOCKDOWN, may we present a new idiotic term called SELECTIVE LOCKDOWN !
    And the best part is its as pathetic as the first one turned out to be !

  14. After smart lockdown we have a selective lock down. What a creative idea. “Selected” PM goes for a “selective” lockdown!!

  15. Priminster is not preacher, he is have administrative control , and should playing a role of administrator

  16. According to PM government was monitoring the corona situation since January and was in contact with China but till todate they don’t know what they should do!!!!

  17. This obsession with complete lockdown-no lockdown-smart lockdown-selected lockdown suggests anxiety n confusion over the detriorating situation particularly in Punjab. It is time to act, not to play with words to justify or oppose this measure or that measure. Usually, the govts are supposed to talk less and act more.

  18. After smart lockdown which was copied by NYC here comes the Selective Lockdown. Might get copied by Canada this time

  19. Khan sb it’s still not too late take tough decisions. Economy is already in shambles so two or three months aren’t going to revive it.

  20. Selective lock down always creates confusion among masses… People always take unnecessary advantage in guise of it…

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