‘There is much we are still learning about Covid’s spread and mortality’, tweete…

'There is much we are still learning about Covid's spread and mortality', tweete... 3

‘There is much we are still learning about Covid’s spread and mortality’, tweeted Minister for Planning, Development and Special Initiatives Asad Umar.


'There is much we are still learning about Covid's spread and mortality', tweete... 7


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  1. This man is expert in fooling the masses by manipulating the figures.comparing India with Pakistan???
    look at the population of 130 cror,the second largest in the World.
    Daily testing is more than 1.4 lac of which 11,000+ are +ve
    Now look at Pakistan with “smart” lockdown testing hardly 29,000 of which 6,000+ are coming +ve.We are in the worst condition.Cerfew did work in India
    It clearly explains that infection rate in Pakistan is 25% and India is 10%
    If Pakistan conducts 1.4 lac tests just like India is doing,it will be 4 times to 6000+=26,000+ which is just 12,000 in India

  2. i think comparison with other subcontinent is a good idea because we are closer to each other in terms of poverty, people etc and following different approaches. we learn from each other here more than we can learn from the first world.

  3. Why do we need a death comparison? The bottom line is people are dying in both countries. People’s deaths aren’t medals for you to wear. Mortality rate is not a war. Please find a better argument and analysis.

  4. Population of India is 6-fold higher than that of Pakistan. Again as this information has no reference or no base, it may be politically manipulated.

  5. Totally disgusting act, Asad Umar Sahab!

    What is the solid reason behind this comparison?

    Why you people are spreading hatred among two states without any logical reason?

    For a while if one except your comparison as a logical example, then he/she must compare India and Pakistan’s population first.

    What you want to message the world? The message that Pakistan has beated India in this pandemic, or the message that Pakistan has got more death ratio than of India. First see the population of India and ours.

    Believe me, India, as well as, the whole world is much aware of your so called politics.

  6. Pak population 212 million. Indias 1,369 million.. what a comparison..have any sense of economics??? Or u think people r stupid and will b convinced with this manipulation?. plus we hv the battle with Covid right now or with India? Just saying

  7. Why are you comparing against India? Number of cases per capita in India are way lower than Pakistan. Way to cherry pick your statistics. And what are you ‘still learning’. The world learnt 3 months ago what to do at least!

  8. Hahahhaa after khans offer to support india this joker is out with a new joke. Do you even know how many times the population of pakistan is indian population?

  9. Since first day you puppet people avoid to take strict precautions, zero policy zero working & now instead of giving us some hope comparing deaths with neighbors, your Puppet PM always opposed the lockdown just because of economy will go down and it will effect on your election campaign, stupid & incompetent Gov’t ever.

  10. Sir, What’s the logic behind this comparison? Do you want us to believe that this is good governance? Or simply minimizing the impact rapid increase of death and infections of covid19 by comparing with an extremely dense and populated country?

  11. Except for the percentage increase, for a valid comparison, assuming figures are correct, should be done with numbers expressed in per capita.

  12. Comparing your performance with the worst performing nation just proves you are 2nd worst and that’s not something to be proud of 🙁

  13. It almost looks like the government is experimenting continueously, except we are part of the experiment!

  14. Wtf? Why are you comparing stays related to a pandemic and subsequent deaths with India??? That is not an area where you COMPETE with anyone.

  15. We are comparing each other for hatred, enmity & death tolls since the day one. … This should come to development of our states and betterment of our communities

  16. Just like Biology students experiment with frogs , our governments are experimenting with human lives.

  17. Why is he comparing dezth rates of India n Pakistan? Why not with magnolia. They are doing pretty well. But why the comprise i dint get it. Focus on Pakistan.

  18. He is talking about the deaths not positive cases. I don’t need to remind you that death rate has nothing to do with testing and you cant hide deaths count. Don’t forget social media is crying on the number of instances where hospitals are increasing corona mortality rate by counting deaths by other reasons into corona. It’s a human catastrophe but we are playing politics

  19. This man destroyed economy of the country and is now going to a bring in a disaster leading to large number of preventable deaths. What are his credentials to lead a public health response. Look at his coma prison. Why can’t he see Vietnam, China, Thailand, Malaysia and so on.

  20. Please talk about pakistan. Why you are comparing with India (our enemy country) we never espected such tweets from our planning minister. Please learn to speak for your country.

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