Two officials of the Indian High Commission in Pakistan were handed over to the …

Two officials of the Indian High Commission in Pakistan were handed over to the ... 3

Two officials of the Indian High Commission in Pakistan were handed over to the police on Monday after being involved in a car accident in Islamabad, it emerged on Monday.

According to a letter by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the staffers were identified as Dwimu Brahma and Paul Selvadhas and had arrived in the country in 2017. From the letter, a copy of which is available with, the two officials are non-diplomats.


Two officials of the Indian High Commission in Pakistan were handed over to the ... 7


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  1. Let me predict the future. In comming days pakistani diplomats will be involved in road accident. He will be mistreated by angry mob who gathered at the scene. And some mob will beat the pakistani diplomats.

  2. اگر بات پاکستان اور لینڈیا کی ہو تو ایک بھی انڈین اپنی ملک کے خلاف ایک الفاظ تک نہیں بولتا اور دوسری طرف ہم ہیں کہ ان کے ساتھ ملکر اپنی حکومت اور فوج کو زلیل کرتے ہیں۔مانا کہ ہمارے حکمرانوں اور جرنیلوں کی حرکتیں ہی کچھ اس قابل ہیں لیکن کم سے کم جب بات پاکستان اور لینڈیا کی آئے تو ہمارا فرض بنتا ہیے کہ اپنی دھرتی کے اینچ اینچ کو ڈیفینڈ کریں۔

  3. What took so long to find them? They’ve been missing for so long. These guys are diplomats under diplomatic immunity.

    Basic protocol demands that if they are in custody for whatever reason, in this case accident as claimed, immediately Indian High Commission in Islamabad should have been informed about it who would have taken care of them, their medical needs and their expatriation back to India if need be.

    Totally unprofessional handling by Pakistan. If this is how it is going to be, Indian foreign service officers aren’t safe in Pakistan. They should be all called back & embassy closed.

  4. But American colonel who killed a Pakistani in road accident walked away freely. So did Raymond Davis who killed two in broad daylight

  5. کیا ان کو بھی کرنل جوزف اور ریمنڈ ڈیوس کی طرح چھوڑ دیا جائے گا ؟ اگر قیمت اچھی دی تو یا نہیں

  6. The two were missing since morning today but their whereabouts were declared by the Govt of Pakistan after almost 12 hours …

    This is not the way the security of Embassy staffs (even if they are Non-Diplomats) be handled ..

    Is there even a Govt Machinery in Pakistan?

    If at all it is there, is it a puppet of some radical group or arcane league ??

  7. گرنمنٹ ہائی سکول جنڈوکی تحصیل پنڈی بھٹیاں ضلع حافظ آباد میں ڈکیتی کی واردات۔
    8 ڈاکو سکول سے 16 عدد کمپیوٹر لے گئے
    چوکیدار پر تشدد
    رائے منیر ایس ایچ او تھانہ کسیسے کا ڈکیتی کی ایف آئی آر درج کرنے سے انکار ہیڈ ماسٹر کی درخواست کی بجائے خود چوری کی درخواست لکھ کر ایف آئی درج کر دی

  8. The 2 Indians were set free after India’s Foreign Minister office called Pakistan High Commissioner and forced him to stand for 3 hours.

  9. Once upon a time there was a Prince named Raymond Davis.. He ruled in a kingdom of pure.. 😉

  10. Diplomats cannot be treated as per local law of any states
    They have immunities according to veana convention
    But we can’t ignore thesw type ko things they should be treated strictly

  11. Under what law pakistan arrested our representative with diplomatic cover when even superpower can’t do that ? Get ready for some trouble Pakistan.

  12. now they will be served with a fantastic cup of tea ..only legends know what actually “fantastic tea” means..

  13. Funny! No one cares about ,if some one died or got injured in the’s all about war-war, enemy-enemy ….diplomacy and methods to get a bail.

  14. Nothing will Happen.. Pakistani police and judiciary is corrupt.
    Give them few bucks they’ll release anyone

  15. Naina Kapoor have you forgotten the unrepairable hole we made in you on 27 th, lady you forget very fast

  16. V know government will offered them fantastic tea then allowed them to go home through wagah boarder saying this is a gesture of peace.
    Puppet government can’t bring rule of law in pk

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