PPP Chairperson Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has criticised the PTI government for not…

PPP Chairperson Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has criticised the PTI government for not... 3

PPP Chairperson Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has criticised the PTI government for not taking the coronavirus pandemic into account in the 2021 budget.

Speaking on the floor of the National Assembly, he said: "Did [the government] make the effort to tailor the budget according to the virus' needs? Have we increased the salaries of doctors and nurses? Did they get risk allowance? How much has been spent on corona risk awareness? Have the people been told how to follow SOPs, how to protect themselves and their loved ones? It seems like this budget forgot that we are suffering through a pandemic."


PPP Chairperson Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has criticised the PTI government for not... 7


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  1. Koi University students k liye bhi bol dein. They are trending on Twitter and protesting for 2 months.

  2. What have u done for the people of Sindh including Thar if not let them die of starvation and providing them with expired food products?

  3. Sindh govt allocated 60 crores for Locatus and they purchase brand new 29 toyota revo hilux for 24 crores ….. What a legendary vision sindh govt have ….

  4. Imran Khan me or is me kia ferq he in ki govt ne b mulk ko barbad hi kia tha sindh me tu yeh aj tk kuch acha ni kr pae pta ni wo b is ko vote kio dete hen

  5. What education what he has done in sindh except looting by his father and his companions. And yes they are intelligent in creating new ways of looting by opening fake accounts and fake IDs

  6. He is better and competent politician than many. Speaks logically with facts. PTI leadership has failed so far and will keep failing in future as they are incompetent and take no responsibility. No hope left on PTI.

  7. He is absolutely right in saying.
    Govt must implement rigid policies and arrangments in apple pie to deal with this pandemic otherwise Covid is causing huge deaths and other loss day by day which is really destructive for state. We will not be having sufficant funds to utilse needs owinng to this pandemic which is lack of limited budget
    May our Handsome PM be handsome in his work too by taking serious to this baleful virus. As he has already misleaded masses by saying its just flue it wont attack to any one except older ones.
    For heaven’s sake do have mercy upon your nation….

  8. And you forgot that this country is suffering from a lot more than just the pandemic Bilawal and that too since it’s independence!

  9. I guess they remembered only that.

    Please go and do something for Sindh. The poor are cursing the signatories of 18th amendment.

  10. Plz also bring back money that u have looted from the country. Im surprised to see that a person who has even never eared a single rupees in his whole life nd he becomes the chairman of the party …… So called democartic party

  11. Currently you and your party would do well to protect yourself from the heinous allegations put forth by Cynthia Ritchie…these allegations, if proved true, will end you political career for good….

  12. The most corrupt person is talking like this,shame on you Mr you should be ashamed of yourself first look into yourself than complain about others

  13. His speech in NA was stopped to be telecasted. It was not dirty politics but jealousy of Murad Saeed who thinks Bilawal is a potential rival.

  14. Mr. Bilawal Zardari how much you contributed from your own pocket during this pandemic. it is very easy to criticize but owning your responsibility need a big heart.

  15. Bilawal Zardari forgot that his father owned Surrey palace in London. He forgot Surrey palace was purchased from Pakistani tax payers’ looted money. Bilawal forgot who was Ayan Ali.

  16. What we have seen imran niazi has no concern to the poor people his intentions are very clear that he supports his Atm machines
    and when he is in front of media he shows himself as he is dying for a common Pakistani.

  17. Bilawal is undemocratically and selected chairman of party. He can’t do anything until his father is above him.

  18. It seems the PM has not at at all forgotten the pandemic but it definitely seems PPP has not been watching TV n all speeches addressed to the nation given by our PM . POP stop giving bhashans n do something worth it .

  19. He is the most sane politician as compare to pti and nawaz league’s leadership without her bigwig nawaz shareef. The only one who dares to challenge this fascist regime.

  20. The world is busy in tackling with virus and our ministers are busy in criticising eaxh other, by the way what this man has ever done for our sindh?

  21. He is not yet mature enough. Let’s complete the going on 2020 which still has still 6 month. 2021 can bring into consolidation based on the result of this years.

  22. Bilawal is more wise than IK in Politics, as he belongs to the ancestral political family.. despite IK, he can just deliver a good speech but can’t manage the situation

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