Justice Qazi Faez Isa on Tuesday dropped a bombshell by alleging that his search…

Justice Qazi Faez Isa on Tuesday dropped a bombshell by alleging that his search... 3

Justice Qazi Faez Isa on Tuesday dropped a bombshell by alleging that his search discovered a number of properties in London in the name of Assets Recovery Unit’s (ARU) chairman Mirza Shahzad Akbar as well as other leaders of the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI), including Prime Minister Imran Khan, and former president retired Gen Pervez Musharraf.

In an application submitted to the Supreme Court, the petitioner judge told it that he took a cue from the ARU chairman’s claim that properties in the United Kingdom could be searched by anyone by using the search engine 192.com. The application said the search engine was used to find out the properties of a few known public figures. The search result suggested that Shahzad Akbar owned five properties in the UK, former special assistant to the prime minister Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan owned one, Zulfikar Bukhari seven, Mohammad Usman Dar three, Imran Khan Niazi six, Jehangir Khan Tareen one and Pervez Musharraf two properties in the UK.

Justice Qazi Faez Isa on Tuesday dropped a bombshell by alleging that his search... 7


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  1. Justice qazi isa is an honest and upright man . He is being targeted by establishment and pti because he exposed their alliance .

    Deep state is targeting /harassing him and his family because he exposed army role in faizabad dharna . Also he will be chief justice pakistan in 2023 (the election year) so army is afraid that they wont be able to do selection or any anti democratic thing while he is in the office .

    Nation stands with justice faiz isa ❤️❤️❤️

  2. And former Cheif owns whole Island in Australia. How a person with 150000 salary per month can buy an Island. Nation demands answer where defense budget goes.

  3. So PM has become maryam Nawaz 2.0, I don’t have any assets except Pakistan but now it has turned out he has. All those saying judge has wrongly accused and the properties belong to someone else should know that faiz is a is not a 3 year old and will put such info that can weaken his case. Yasmin rashid was right about illiterate thing about her voters

  4. This man has nil knowledge of how his wife and children acquire properties in london and yet he enjoys the stay when he visits london. He should immediately divorce his wife as she is receiving goods and services other then him. She has a another source of income and yet he keeps supporting them.

  5. Justice Qazi Isa Sahib is a through gentleman. He is honest and reputed personality. He is very respectable and dignified judge. Establishment and Government wanted fake and bias judgements from the judiciary, which are the only sources left of justice and reliefs for the poor and exploitative masses of Pakistan.

  6. ‎But the problem is his name is

    ‎1. Imran ALI Khan Niazi
    ‎2. He is a British National
    ‎3. He is only 35 years of age

    Corrupt judge is just trying to save his a$$

  7. If IK has properties, he should be trialled and make him accountable. But, why using it as a counter against his own charges? Is he a politician or a judge?

  8. More power to you Sir this is the way if you are guilty all are guilty. This case is going to be a game changer for Pakistan all should be made accountable and let this system work properly this will be a move towards a happier and more powerful Pakistan.

  9. Ok, they bought properties in UK by corruption, but did this gave a judge a right to receive bribe money, and become corrupt…? Lame excuses by that corrupt judge. Judiciary needs cleansing.

  10. He has proven to be an ultimate crook by using a random website in UK to show properties that actually belong to a different Imran Khan who is 35 year old. He has proven to be such a childish person with personal vendetta. Such a shame as he is very decent judge.

  11. All should be taken over by the government and from now on no property should be allowed abroad/ neither they be allowed to send their children for education abroad. This should be applicable to any public office holder in Pakistan. The country will start progressing the very next day!

  12. Do you even know the meaning of Sadiq & Ameen? I am not accusing him for anything but I’m pretty sure he’s not Sadiq and Ameen. The reason is, he couldn’t keep his promises. And a Sadiq always keeps promises. He lied to the whole nation (that’s why some people call him master of (U-turn). I am not saying he’s corrupt but only he’s not sadiq and can’t comment about Ameen (because I don’t know much about him on this side).

  13. The whole system is corrupt! A senior judge instead of giving a money trail is researching others properties on google! Had ho gai

  14. DAWN gutter: But he is saying he is not alleging:) The Imran Khan he is mentioning is heard to be some 35 year old British citizen:) DAWN gutter : Is this the standard of your reporting?

  15. More power to you Sir You are the Only one throughout the Judges of the supreme Court where you voiced for those who were martyred in 8th August 2016 in Civil hospital Quetta and also for those who were in dharana of Faizabad. So there be accountability and asset for every one as we have mentioned in the Constitutions that everyone is equal to law so the why Just Qazi essa only? Why not the big big other big fishes who have eaten the whole Pakistan and still

  16. Wht a shame and curse this man is, he wil speak evrything except telling how he own properties abroad

  17. How can he be a Justice of the SC if he is leveling such allegations against someone being on such post

  18. Good work but now answer what have been asked from you, if you were so honest you would have cleared yourself first, something is very fishy

  19. Don’t beat about the bushes just tell about yourself, How it possible for a dependent wife to get properties in London.
    The most corrupt institution in Pakistan called Judiciary.

  20. Two wrong’s dont make a right so better clarify tourself instead of fact finding for other’s

  21. You’re the top level Qazi of Islamic Republic. Blaming others won’t work. Provide trails, Clear yourself, come back to your chair and investigate them. Simple…

  22. ..
    Dear Justice Isa,
    You have a great oppurtunity to investigate the properties of PTI leaders in UK. But before that you need to clear yourself from any corruption charges so that noone point fingers before judiciary. Remember, judiciary stands on moral grounds, if it is corrupt then system can’t proceed.
    Please don’t hide yourself behind the weakness of laws and references.

  23. Why he is level charges on others instead of giving his own money trail? It’s no way giving clue to others misdeeds if any instead of clarifying his own position!No one is above law.If IK and Mian Nawaz Shareef should why he is claiming exception.The same rule but different excuses and ploys.

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