The number of unemployed people in the country has been estimated to reach 6.65 …

The number of unemployed people in the country has been estimated to reach 6.65 ... 3

The number of unemployed people in the country has been estimated to reach 6.65 million during the fiscal year 2020-21, compared to 5.80m of the outgoing financial year.

According to the government’s annual plan 2020-21, Pakistan has the 9th largest labour force in the world which is increasing every year.

The number of employed workers will reach 62.91m in 2020-21 from 62.18m in 2019-20. According to the Labour Force Survey 2017-18, unemployment rate for the next year (2020-21) has been estimated at 9.56 per cent.

Pakistan is experiencing the phenomenon of unemployed educated people, particularly jobless graduates. The unemployment rate among degree-holders is almost three times higher than the other overall unemployed people. The reason given for this is a mismatch between the education being imparted and the need of the economy to sufficiently absorb fresh graduates.

The number of unemployed people in the country has been estimated to reach 6.65 ... 7


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  1. But DAWN gutter is advocating complete lockdown? So this number can go up and you can report these numbers ?

  2. Abhe 65 lac hua hay
    Ik na 1 crore ka wada kia tha
    Speed is good but need figure to reach 10 million

  3. That’s All folks!

    Whoever voted for Imran Niazi is complicit in achieving the highest inflation in the world, record unemployment, allowing Modi to run over Kashmir and destroying the image of Pakistan. Mubarak ho #youthion

  4. DAWN has totally lost it..when it is giving news of Pakistan, what is the point of putting image of Mumbai Local.. This is obsession..

  5. آپ نے گھبرانا نہیں ہے کیونکہ کپتان نے آپ کو رلانے کا وعدہ کیا تھا پھر بھی آپ اس کو لے آئے لہذا اب بھگتو

  6. Our Prime Minister is focusing on DEHARI DAR GHAREEB TABQA
    Talented people educated people are not to talk about here at Pakistan that’s why people should try abroad but now abroad is also closed for them and this is highly depressing

  7. Our PM can do nothing except good speech to divert people attention, stupidity on peak!
    The youth whos supported him now suffering badly, he has no sense that what to do expcept inline speech,
    Bus karo yaaar!

  8. باہر سے لوگ پاکستان مین نوکریاں تلاش کرنے آئیں گے

  9. I fear that conflict between India China may lead to capture of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (Pok) by India. #OsamaLadenKilledInsidePakistan

  10. The men who played throughout the life, will play with the future of innocent educated Peoples, Besides this, snatching jobs, its wow.. what a shame, The Men Before Premier were promised for 1 crore jobs.. hahha peoples were unaware about this joke..

  11. Ik said people come to pakistan for a job. We provide them job. U dont be scared of what happening.

  12. It’s because too many foreigners have taken the job as IK said, we want justice send the foreigners back to their countries

  13. See the international figures too .at the time of pendamic and catastrophic situation you want rational figures .wow

  14. Alas! Soon, we will face exorbitant destruction by this pandemic. The corona might not effect our health more than of this poverty. Govt need to get rid of this serious issue.

  15. The situation of Pakistan Railways is so much worse they have to use neighbours’ railway image!

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