Amid growing concerns of opposition parties and speculation surrounding the fate…

Amid growing concerns of opposition parties and speculation surrounding the fate... 3

Amid growing concerns of opposition parties and speculation surrounding the fate of 18th Amendment after recent statements from key government functionaries, Prime Minister Imran Khan spoke his heart out on Wednesday while ruling out any plan to roll back the devolution plan but clearly hinting at his intentions over the subject and called for reviewing the 10-year-old reforms which, he said “needed to be fixed” along with the concept of National Finance Commission (NFC) Award “that carries anomalies”.

The PM openly shared his thoughts probably for the first time during the first leg of his visit to Sindh, where the ruling Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) has vowed to resist any move against the 18th Amendment by the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) government at the centre.

Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah was not invited to any official meetings that PM Khan held during his visit to the province.


Amid growing concerns of opposition parties and speculation surrounding the fate... 7


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  1. In his recent visit to Larkana,PM Imran Khan, has been reportedly served with 135 traditional and special dishes of Sindh, including hiran roast, teetar roast, murghabi roast, fish roast, mutton roast, dabra fish fry, sajji, raan roast, mutton chargha, looki ka halwa, biryani, zarda, chicken and mutton pokara, koftay, bhay and other dishes.
    Prime Minister reached Larkana with 37 protocol vehicles on Wednesday.
    But the great advocate of simplicity and austerity is very concerned about the daily-wagers, and hence, is not in favor of complete lock-down.

  2. Does he mean that Punjab and KP are not in his control because of the 18th amendment despite his own party ruling those provinces?

  3. Mr puppet PM , a failure faced PM isn’t having right to review 18 amendment, Mr puppet want to dismissed the provisional autonomy, and NFC award , isn’ted PM who want to review , its General COAS Bajwa who want to interrupt indirect target to democracy and civils elected members right , its PM ego to push opposition thru darks, its merely Sindh govt for which PM want to review , PM is mentally unstable, if Sindh govt looted allocated budget so go and catch the culprits , even PM his self is culprit and when he visit sindh last day he was welcomed and devoted 35 dishes on his table , that’s why our PM is thinking about labour and worker, Why Mr PM allocated 1490 trillion to Defnce instead of restoring institutions and allocating to education sector , nor not coz he has no power to run govt thru his own way, as CJP stated that we abused constution , and it is very funny even when our president passed 7 ordanace in one day and selected speaker Qasim suri illiterate person merely singed the Bill’s instead of bring under discussion and reviewing, he solely singed and passed , we are living under drma country where law violate and amendment passed for personal interest…. may almighty take our safety, ameen live long.pak

  4. 18th amendment ko review karna tu door ki baat he, ye govt naali banwa ne ka bill bhi pass nahi kar wa sakti siwae apni tankhwa barha ne k

  5. Government chalani ki liyr majority nahen or…..
    Niazi is real enemy of Pakistan thats why he is trying to divide people after every harm he did….

  6. You hv been selected to fulfill certain tasks, reviewing 18th Amendment is one of them. So keep it on

  7. The “ Masters “ want it dissolved any way – and they’ll succeed for being sovereign . Mr Monkey is just following the orders without using brain as usual .

  8. Federal first prove any improvment in federal and kpk punjab then think about 18 amendment
    Mental admi kpk punjab balochistan wafaq ka berha ghark kardia

  9. Hee needs to READ the amendment along with people who can make him understand about 18th amendment and rest of the constitution he hates because of his Masters.

  10. Utter rubbish from IM the Dim Khan. Everything Khan touches goes South – what to do ?
    Find a scapegoat.
    What better than 18th Amendment- the perfect alibi & scapegoat for Khan’s terrible track record and incorrigible incompetence.

  11. interesting comments under This posts. Two things are clear from these comments 1. Sane people of Pakistan are very much alive and active and can sense things happening in country 2. shameless youthias are still not tired of defending this incompetent U-khan Govt.

  12. First u need single and simple majority in NA,first fulfil these numbers and than claim 18 amendment in next election n u better know this is first and last govt u have.

  13. Well this is the Yorker I say….. provincial governments should be under governance of federal

  14. They did same to bengal. Its the right of provinces to manage their resources. Corruption is an issue with whole system including Federal institutions as well. So argument about corruption is baseless.

  15. if article 149 is invoked in Sindh so PM fight shy of to mess with 18th amendment as indirectly this articles gives faderation executive auhority a control to extend control and indispensable directions though provincial executive authority can’t impede or prejudice therefore PM can grip throughout provinces so no exigency is to review the amendment

  16. 18th amendment is oxygen to national integration. Review in 18th amendment may cause hamrful for country’s stability. In the light of constitution article 160 reimburse the amount of money to sindh.

  17. Last 7 years PTI enjoying NFC. Now suddenly they feel that it is wrong. It took seven years to understand the issue. R they belong to that animal race who laughs a day after the joke heard

  18. Do we still have any doubt?????
    Look at what Sindh Govt did in the name of 18th amendment.

  19. The main concern should be further shifts the power to regional and council levels instead of taking it back to Federal power. I support 18 amendment but I support it’s full implementation not just disintegrating the powers from federal to provincial. The power must shift to the lowest level.

  20. Yeah that’s the reason behind poor economy, spread of corona, price hike of sugar, unavailability of petrol etc. Why doesn’t this man try to do his job properly and set his priorities right.

  21. That’s true provinces takes alot of money that goes into politicians pockets. The money should stay in centre so that could easily be transferred to army

  22. 18th amendment needs to be reviewed provinces takes billions of rupees from federation but not taking responsibility where money goes…province’s always blame federal government for their incompetence

  23. Player is almost confused, exhausted, frustrated, he can’t mitigate the waives of COViD-19 but he just wanted to divert the attention of public by doing such cheap visits, such baseless statements,

  24. Good to see PM in sindh after a long time, though he should have been there after plane crash..
    However it is the 18th amendment which enables the provinces to look after their matters rather than looking towards centre..
    Thanks to 18th amendment which compels provinces to do something different from centre…

  25. If 18th amendment is revoked, or even if it is challenged by any concern. The federation has no right to exist.

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