In a move aimed at saving the education system from further disruption amid the …

In a move aimed at saving the education system from further disruption amid the ... 3

In a move aimed at saving the education system from further disruption amid the coronavirus crisis, Prime Minister Imran Khan directed the authorities concerned on Thursday to thrash out a strategy to restore academic activities in the country in consultation with provincial governments.

“Formulate a joint strategy in collaboration with the provincial education ministers regarding the future teaching process,” the prime minister said during a meeting to assess the disruption caused to the education system by the pandemic.

The meeting also reviewed the progress made so far for implementation of the government’s plan to introduce a uniform curriculum in the country.

All educational institutions were closed over three months ago after detection of the first Covid-19 case in the country. Although federal and provincial authorities have introduced online classes, the feedback shows people still have reservations about its success and utility.

In a move aimed at saving the education system from further disruption amid the ... 7


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  1. Have patience guys!
    Prime Minister certainly have a clear policy, only that majority ppl cant see it yet.
    Road to betterment is never short and easy. The best is always tested the most.
    Lots of IK supporters are falling prey to Opposition’s propaganda. And that is ‘Imran is Incompetent’
    Remember you, even since IK has come into power Opposition has raised this slogan. Why ? Bcos they know if IK continues cleaning up the mess their political Dynasties will be over, and The End of their Corruption.
    So for opposition thats the only way to ouster Ik by damaging his reputation.
    Policy he makes is not made by him alone, there is whole Establishment, team of Think Tank , Institutions behind it. And they are not silly ppl.
    So, brother, it takes time to eradicate Mafias.

  2. Why doesn’t IK bring his kids from abroad and sent them to educational institutes here and make them the leaders of tiger force? Set the example, handsome.

  3. This honest person was launched to eradicate the corruption from the country but he is intended to eradicate the population. Without having any concrete protective policy nor have been successfully implemented anywhere in the country he is going to kill children amidst the deadliest pandemic. Someone should tell him 2020 is the year where your profit is your life if you can save it. Please do not send you kids to school, keep them home, and never trust him what he is claiming about his health precautionary foolish measures. The biggest flaw of his policy is that he never go after for follow up what he had ordered for implementation, he just throwing words from his mouth that seems very good but beyond the ground realities. He could not implemented SOPs in professional business, markets, masjids, bazars, shopping malls now he is going to open schools to blame the kids for not complying with his so-called SOPs as he already charged people are not abiding by the SOPs.

  4. دیکھیں حامد! ایجوکیشن سسٹم کو میں ایسے ٹھیک کروں گا کہ بڑ بڑ بڑ بڑ بڑ بڑ بڑ ۔۔۔۔ ۔۔۔۔ ۔۔۔۔

  5. Western countries are focusing alot on education ensuring that best quality of education is granted to students through online classes
    While in our country online classes doesn’t give u knowledge instead they are just focusing on making assignments
    Pakistan’s higher education system is worst
    Despite of students getting 1090/1100 why is there no Einstein. Why isn’t there any great discovery in pakistan by our scientists?
    Make sure to give best quality of education via online classes
    Opening schools and universities would have catastrophic effects on our country amidst COVID-19 out break

  6. His own children live in London so it’s not his issue to ensure the safety of school going children !!

  7. Don’t Put the students in danger, amid Corona crisis students wants uniform internet accessibility, rather than opening education earlier, Corona is so close to reach apex, we could restore after peak of pandemic,

  8. Systematic and rational strategy with concrete and substantial basis is required in term of implementation.

  9. But why? This guy is crazy. It would be a disaster.
    In fact schools should be closed permanently. In today world it is a waste of resources.

  10. Would the PM order the payments of pensions to the retired professors of Agriculture university Peshawar?

  11. Loss of 1 or 2 years of academic life fades in front of children’s lives.
    Wisely select what is more important

  12. While PPP government is trying to impose lockdown in Sindh our handsome prime minister is easing it again. I don’t know y he is putting people in danger.

  13. Love it ,,,Fear has gripped people s mind and everyone is behaving abnormal… We should start educational activities

  14. After a systematic and pre planned genocide of masses and public sector employees calling them at full strength in offices, another genocide plan for Children and Students of Universities

  15. Enlighten and education should be our core topic, but we could restore it after the peak of pandemic, that is near

  16. No ! Simply No, education institutions needs to take a back seat we can’t risk our children , I’ll be happy to miss an year of education of my son than afford him getting sick.

    It’s a reason that no country is opening the education sector so quick.

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