❗ Defending CHURCHILL, BLM MOB RAGE – London today, UNCENSORED!!!

❗ Defending CHURCHILL, BLM MOB RAGE - London today, UNCENSORED!!!

#Churchill #BLM

Perhaps needless to say, I’m not a ‘racist’, or ‘far-right’, and actually I hadn’t even intended to cover BLM today, seeing as how the curfew is meant to be 5pm. I wanted to film about Churchill just. Then, you hear people shouting that ‘Churchill is a racist’, so you want to know why they think that – and this is what happens.

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  1. That moron having to consult Wikipedia because she really doesn't know what she is talking about. All I hear is "racist" ad nauseam , they lack wit, intelligence and coherent argument. All they can do is shout louder.

  2. Churchill fought against men such as Hitler and some of the most tactical competent men in history. What’s even more terrifying is the men who come after the Hitler. Men like Reinhardt heydrich and Heinrich himmler.

  3. Those cops are fucking PUSSIES.
    But fine, give in to the people who hate you and want you dead. Just means we wont have losers like them slowing us down from stopping the far left terrorist for very long. Since the mob you seek to please with only be pleased with your corpse.

  4. Im sure your legally not allowed to be moved on by police.. and im asl pretty sure people cannot try assault you infront of police.. they literally pointed there fingers at the crowd as if it was a grandmother telling off her grandson what absolute clowns.. you know there is legal teams that would love to use your footage to prosecute.. anyway keep up the good work chap

  5. what would you call him a 'Hero'… when my people were suffering and dying, because of food, rather than helping them, he passed a statement 'who asked them to produce tons of babies'. Sorry mate, you should read a bit of history or might be, you are ignorant, because those who died, did not belong to your race. By the way, this is your own reality 'https://balkaninsight.com/2019/03/11/uk-journalist-banned-from-twitter-angers-some-in-kosovo/'. A man, who support barbarism, comes on street to support another violin of history.

  6. Interesting. Around the world we can support a movement built on a fallacy; I wonder what we can accomplish if we put all this energy toward freeing the slaves of Mauritania? Can we get some peaceful Protests against the concentration camps & forced labor of the Uyghurs in China?

  7. англия умирает, некогда самая величайшая нация. понятно что черчилль был расист, страшный русофоб, но для традиционных англичан он знаковая фигура, великий политик и так далее. немного печально видеть это все

  8. Absolute clowns. Anti-Britain but they still live here. Go live in the Caribbean or Africa. Oh wait you will never do so, because you wont be given any hand-outs.

  9. Racist or Not. He saved our Goddamn ass from Hitler. He i a hero for that.
    If it wasn't for him, these people would not be able to stand up to Hitler and call him a nazi and racist.
    A country run on nazi ideology would have us all be knocked down in mass graves.
    Not very pleasant that would be.

  10. What kind of Police brutality ?
    The British police is the softest on the entire planet .
    It seems like in 2020 you can still win an argument with shouting louder than the other one.

  11. Well said, Churchill is an absolute hero and should be respected! If they don’t like it they can go back to Africa!! They wouldn’t even be here if it wasn’t for Churchill….

    Absolutely pathetic these BLM protestors, as soon as you make a very valid point they accuse you of being a racist! Their level of aggression is disgusting and the police should be arresting those vile BLM individuals. Well done Graham we stand with you!!

  12. I have watched your videos for a long time because they always spoke out against mainstream narrative. However, it's sad to see you speak out against people who now have a voice against racism. Racism was what made Churchill a flawed man and while he is a British hero because of WWII, you shouldn't let that blind you to his major faults. Nationalism is a mental disease and you shouldn't fall into it.