Premier appreciates ‘philanthropic role’ played by overseas Pakistanis during Co…

Premier appreciates 'philanthropic role' played by overseas Pakistanis during Co... 3

Premier appreciates ‘philanthropic role’ played by overseas Pakistanis during Covid-19.

Premier appreciates 'philanthropic role' played by overseas Pakistanis during Co... 7


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  1. Mr. pm we are also thankful to you for your great support to expats such as mobile phone tax and expansive one way return tickets.

  2. کل کے فیصلے کے بعد اپوزیشن والے عمران خان کے بقول صدر اور وزیراعظم کا استعفیٰ بنتا ہے

  3. فقیر حکومت. ہر وقت اور ہر چیز کے لیے چندہ چندہ. کیوں نطام کو درست نہیں کرتے.

  4. We are tired of listening overseas Pakistani from his mouth. Make him PM of overseas Pakistanis and bring new PM for Pakistanis who are true Pakistanis and are living in Pakistan. He only talk about those who don’t even want to come Pakistan

  5. Or chuko overseas Pakistaniyo ko. Or jo Pakistan ma rehte hain un klia bajli mehangi kero, atta mehanga kero, cheeni mehangi kero, even har wo cheez mehangi kero jo gareeb istamal kerta hai.

    Salaries na barhana cz local awam or chakki ma pisay. Zulm hai zulm.

  6. Why didn’t you became the pm of overseas Pakistani only I mean they deserve yuo they only want to appreciate yuo and yuo will appreciate them and hamara kaam sirf iss sy nahi chal sakta

  7. The PM recently signed three loan agreements to get dollars. Imagine, if Nawaz Sharif had done this, he and his youthias would have been crying. ” koi sharam hoti hay, koi haya hoti hay”

  8. Many of my cousins don’t want to come in this situation, as per rules if person arrived in Pakistan, he/she would spend 15 days in Quarantine, wow these guys barely get 1 month leave in which 15 days spoiled in this step, further the ticket price eg: Dubai Return ticket was 25000 rupees but now one side ticket is 200000 Great!

  9. And when will you help stranded Pakistani in KSA and all over the world going back to their countries with regular fares….

  10. Ur right PM, we appreciate the philanthropic role of our overseas Pakistanis. But ur not doing the best philanthropic activities for the Poor’s in ur own country. U just snatching the opportunities and not capable of handling the govt. U should thankful to COVID-19 that protects ur dignity from more criticism and Dharnas.

  11. Unfortunately We see here what overseas Pakistanis are doing to survive.. Families don’t even have food to eat.. Men with children don’t have a place to stay..embassy behave as if they are doing you a favor..the poor laborers did not get food and access to housings.. But still they trying very hard not to go back… Because life is much worse in Pakistan The middle classes are getting screwed by the embassy…who are behaving like gods… Please don’t hurt feelings with such posts

  12. Khud kuch nahi kurna bas…. no clean drinking water in Karachi, no health services in Karachi even during pandemic people are at mercy of private hospitals and pharmaceutical suppliers who are busy minting money. This is were pm and his team needs to work on priority instead this they just giving statements

  13. Shame on your TATTO Usman Dar who suspended doctors just because they didn’t give him protocol or joined him in auditorium.

  14. Let us know your role, being paid a huge dept by many countries and organization. What you have done to that money got by various countries and organizations, still we are poor, still we are deprived of what you and your party ministers MPA,s MNA,s are enjoying.

  15. But despite their utmost favours in 2018 election, still your govt and you didn’t leave any stone unturned to let them suffer and suffer more especially those living in middle east and are mostly labours.

  16. Do you know the worst condition of these overseas Pakistanis during this pandemic in other countries such as Gulf. A lot of overseas are ready to come back to Pakistan but our Embassy doesn’t cooperate with them in this regard. A lot of Pakistanis died there and also buried there. Do you the pain of such families who even not see their relative in last moment of their life. Only wearer knows where the shoe pinches.

  17. Exactly. Overseas Pakistanis are truly a great asset for our country. They are AN INSPIRATION in true sense!

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