The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) says that local governments arou…


The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) says that local governments around the world are at the forefront of the current Covid-19 crisis, but in Pakistan these institutions are to an extent disconnected from its citizens and “saddled with a governance style which is top down, reactive and authoritative”.

This has led to the weakening of the essential state-society social contract leading to marginalisation, group grievances and conflict and social resilience in the country, UNDP says in its first ‘Covid-19 — Pakistan Socio-economic Impact Assessment and Response Plan’.

Despite efforts to provide an adequate response to the pandemic in Pakistan, results remain poor. Traders and businessmen are dissatisfied by the federal government’s unilateral decisions affecting their businesses. Similarly, the medical health professionals are highlighting the unavailability of PPE (personal protective equipment) and the lack of an efficient system of testing and tracking.

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) says that local governments arou... 4


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    FabiFlu will be used for treating COVID-19 patients with mild to moderate symptoms and will be made available from today evening and by next week across the country. The company has got approval under emergency category.
    It will be made available at hospitals and chemist shops and will be sold under medical presciption.
    We are sure our scientists would produce vaccine soon,as already trials on vaccine are on.
    the producer of wuhan Virus is down with Beijing Virus.RIP.

  2. Most of the clicks on the laughing emoticon are Hindu /Indian songing names exposing their mentality.

  3. It’s the duty of federal govt to check and balance local govts performances but despite all these our federal govt is already disconnected from citizens

  4. UN,
    What you would say about european fatalities…wait hold on, what about your own homeland the “great” USA.

  5. Tomorrow’s Headline – “Pakistan’s government involved in Terrorism which is happening across the world”.I like that. Reality of Pakistan. Keep it up UNDP.

  6. 18th amendment was meant to strengthen local governments. But instead it became a corruption policy and strengthened corruption and fake accounts

  7. I don’t know why UN and other banks are signing loan agreements with them if such big statements are coming from UNDP. The government is absolutely clueless in combating the situation.

  8. Local governments connect with people when the supreme leadership forms a policy and asks them to implement.
    What local governments would do when the whole of premier leadership is confused ?

  9. That’s exactly what’s going to happen if power is not given to the local city levels like mayors and counsellors etc. Chief ministers are playing the roles of that like of dictators keeping all the power to themselves not knowing the ground reality.

  10. In this state power has never been transfered to local govts.In every developed country power is bottom to top pyramid..Federal ,provincial, distric and sub district counsilors..

  11. 18th amendment was meant to empower local governments, but all it did was to empower corrupt CMs of large provinces. Karachi is the biggest victim of this.

  12. Not just the local government, the government on every level is disconnected from the citizens because they can’t deal with ”Jahil awam.” Import some cultured, well-mannered people, and then see the magic.

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