China Is Building The World's Most Futuristic City

China Is Building The World's Most Futuristic City

We’re all too familiar with the work-play balance we strive to juggle in the 21st century. It’s virtually impossible, right? We’re often faced with a long and busy commute to work, using dated public transport or busy highways, only to find ourselves sitting in a dull office all day long. Well Tencent is about to revolutionize the work-play life of 80,000 people in the city of Shenzhen, with a next-century approach!

Following Huawei’s campus-style city, Chinese technology company Tencent, the driving power behind instant messaging apps WeChat and QQ, has made promises to build an entire mini-city off the banks of the Pearl River in Shenzhen, where the company has its headquarters. Both are located in the Guangdong province of Southern China, near the metropolis of Hong Kong.

How Gaming Tech Giant Tencent is building its own futuristic city.


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  1. Great concepts, but with China's track record of "Tofu dreg" construction and rampant corruption in government departments, it'll be surprising if they pull it off.

  2. Korean cities were the model to chinese cities. This video shows architectural development and subway infrastructure that LOOK EXACTLY LIKE SOUTH KOREAN urban design/planning/development built many decades ago. Do you research and look it up on fairer better sources instead of YouTube, wiki or instragram that are controlled by each company's algorithm and coding by people.

  3. Investigations reveal hundred of thousands of Fa-lun Gong practitioners have been killed for their o rgans in China. "I am absolutely convinced that over a long period, from 1999 onwards, o rgan harvesting from prisoners of conscience has been taking place, esp. of Fa-lun Gong." – Ed McMillan-Scott, Former VP of EU. Google "o rgan harvesting".

  4. 亲爱的地球同胞,我担心西方唯物主义个人主义的异化既会威胁到诱使发展中地区成为同样错误的受害者,另一方面会变得越来越分散和分散,形成一个有凝聚力的集体,在全球范围内拯救地球 气候和努力实现一个包容性的未来,无论是否在行星际。 我看到的建设性进展太少,以至于我们非常需要梦想的建立和保障。

    1976 年的火龙约伯

  5. For a few hundreds of years when the west was ahead of china in technology, yet they made so many of them so costly that it was impossible to benefit the regular people. Then China came and the western govs panicked, tried to suffocate China's access and development, without realising it will only make China make much better stuff with lower prices because it has been an incredibly resilient and antifragile country for thousands of years.

  6. All idea maybe invented by chinese but who create it and make it real were western so far. Not enough for only design !!! China still far away left behind . I never count chinese product upon all nation in asia. And also i am sure european does not like chinese product in general because chinese only imitate it and still doing copy any manufactures product. Korea and japan much better than china..china care to money only . Even they creat it as first ! France, germany, england, belgia, spain, italy, austria, dutch , rusia, poland, and japan can do in anyway better !!!! Even south east asia company did it better because they still maintaince the quality

  7. My AgTown design puts food at its Core in the overall design. And a rural feel on the surface and to the horizon. But in an open pit design the Terrascrapers going no more than 5 stories down will be the business/ commercial distric. Bright and we'll lit with color pallets that showcase the food producing trees and shrubs that line ever inch of public walkways. Lunch can be eaten Upick style. Exporting our goods will be the GDP money maker because food is everywhere for public harvest daily for free. FOOD SECURITY. Walk to work, or right out your front door into your field of dreams. Community culture like the old small towns of yesteryear. The ones we've all imagined can be again.