Three policemen were arrested and booked for assault and other charges after a v…


Three policemen were arrested and booked for assault and other charges after a video showing them abusing and stripping a man naked at a police station in Peshawar went viral on social media, officials said on Wednesday.

The video that surfaced on Wednesday showed police personnel in uniform abusing, beating up and forcibly taking off the clothes of a man and recording the abuse on video.


Three policemen were arrested and booked for assault and other charges after a v... 3


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  1. A police constable also tries to use whatever authority he has. This greatly affects the section which is quite gentle. Less educated and mentally ill are often seen in this field. Instead of reforming the police, Copying Turkey’s move, Shahbaz Sharif created an unnecessary dolphin force, which is like a burden on the state treasury. We often hear that the system of our country is democratic and the Parliament can pass any law or bill that appears to be part of the Constitution, but the provincial policies seem to be those of the institutions that want to enforce their own laws.
    Only the Parliament has the right to legislate, and to maintain the peace of the society, it is imperative that the crime, as serious as it is, be transparently punished according to the judicial proceedings. WAPDA Chairman : CSP
    PITB chairman: CSP by replacing Dr Umar saif who was outstanding in his work.
    Health Secretary: CSP
    DG food authority: CSP
    Chief secretary: CSP
    And many more…
    Although bureaucracy means nokar shahi in Urdu and this was British system in subcontinent… Still Bangladesh, Pakistan and india are following this system… We are an independent nation…We need to leave this Commissioner, Deputy Commissioner system in order to restore real democracy or real parliamentary system…its been more than 70 years we are seeing the monopoly of bureaucracy, where mayor of particular city is powerless or just a clown infront of these civil servants.

  2. there were 1 DSP and 2 SHOs involved in the whole drama. Scapgoating the three police men is just an atempt to burry the whole case.

  3. اور ان واقعات کا کیا ہوگا جو کیمرے کی آنکھ میں محفوظ نہیں ہو سکے۔
    ہمیں پولیس کے نظام کو فوری تبدیل کرنا ہوگا عمران خان نے وعدے تو بہت کیے تھے لیکن کارکردگی منفی میں ہے

  4. I seriously fed up of Pakistan. Pakistan is in danger hands. Belive me, its not going to prosper. Have lost all the hopes i was having that a day will come when we will see the bright side of pak but alas it can’t be ever.

  5. Ik dam cictimhood politics start ho jati ha. Jis bndy ko arrest kia wo sharab pi k jis marzi ki man behan naap dy?

  6. What did he do?I was searching about this guy and I found a video in which he was abusing policemen.What’s the real story ?

  7. I really felt a goosebumps after reading this news….
    How someone can be so insensate to behave someone too viciously……

    Though they have suspended SSP ,but the question is whether this step is enough to eradicate the curse ???

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