The World In 2050: A Peek Into The Future

The World In 2050: A Peek Into The Future

The year 2050 might seem like a lifetime away, and predicting what the world could look like 30 years from now is no easy task. A lot can change in a single decade, let alone three, however, we do have a few ‘clues’ that could be painting us a pretty accurate picture.

In today’s video, we are looking at what the world will look like in the year 2050. We will take a look at the futur technologies, new ways of transportations such as Uber Elevate, how amazon will deliver their products using drones and much more

So what will the world look like in 2050 in your opinion?


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  1. The real question is… What would the world look like in 10 thousand years I've been scrolling down in the calendar year for 9 minutes just to see how far the year keeps going and it was actually the best to think of what would really happen all of us will just be forgotten in 10 thousand years

  2. In 2050 and beyond, people are going to watch this video and laugh much like we did in the 2020s watching the films made in the 40s, 50s, and 60s describing what life was going to be like at the turn of the century. Essentially those old films pretty much said the same thing about the turn of the century as this video does about 2050.

  3. For anyone who finds this video in 2050.

    The year is currently 2022, we are finally recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic and technology is advancing at a massive rate. I hope that the future you’re living is safe and that this video lived up to expectations.

  4. Think about how we can't stand the kids nowadays. In 2050 the workforce will be people just born now. If they thought us millenials are bad, the only jobs then will designing technology, or being subsidized by the govt because the only remaining jobs will be human resources or basic cleaning as all service jobs will pretty much disappear due to robots and ai doing everything better and in sure by then, all vehicles on the road will be self driving and select people with licenses will he able to drive "classics".

  5. A Lot of people are saying self driving is a lot safer, But Problem is, Hackers are going to be happy about this idea and might be able to hack a self driving car and drive it off the bridge and people in the car will actually die. There will be more self driving car crashes than human driving. Google is lying, Self driving will not be safe. I'm Not really Good about this idea in 30 Years. Our World will turn toxic waste because of elon musk. Anyone Should kick him off and stop him from having more deaths of self driving. Good News is there isn't self driving right now. Bad News is in 2050 you won't be able to drive cars anymore. and Soon You may not realize the car could get hacked and you might die. Someone Stop this Madness We don't want self driving. I hope Someone does stop from our future to be destroyed.