NASA’s Ambitious Mission to Bring Martian Samples to Earth

NASA’s Ambitious Mission to Bring Martian Samples to Earth

NASA’s new Mars rover is launching this summer. It’s humanity’s first step to studying the Martian surface like never before, and its impact will be on par with the Apollo missions.
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Mars sample return has been a high priority for the scientific community for a long time, and an upcoming launch is an ambitious new chapter in Mars exploration.

A Mars Sample-Return mission is exactly what it sounds like—a spaceflight mission to the red planet to collect rock and dust samples and bring them back to Earth.

This mission’s landing site is Jezero Crater, and the launch of the new Mars rover is the first step in a series of proposed missions over the span of a decade to bring samples back, with all of the source material.

In this Focal Point, we speak with Eric Aguilar, Mars 2020 System Testbed Manager at NASA/JPL, and Chris Herd, PhD, a Mars 2020 Return Sample Scientist and Professor at the University of Alberta, to learn more about the mission to Mars.

The rover is slated to launch this summer, watch to find out more about its upcoming journey across the red planet.

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Mars 2020 Mission Overview
“The Mars 2020 mission with its Perseverance rover is part of NASA’s Mars Exploration Program, a long-term effort of robotic exploration of the Red Planet. The Mars 2020 mission addresses high-priority science goals for Mars exploration, including key astrobiology questions about the potential for life on Mars.”

Mars sample return
“Orbiters, landers and rovers sent to Mars carry compact equipment and instruments that limit the science that can be achieved on any given mission. Studying Mars samples on Earth will allow scientists to share resources and send samples to the best laboratories around the world for analysis – laboratories so complicated and heavy they would be impossible to take to Mars.”

Space Samples Link NASA’s Apollo 11 and Mars 2020
“With its launch window opening on July 17, 2020 — less than a year from today —NASA’s Mars 2020 rover will mark another first: The rover will not only seek signs of ancient habitable conditions and past microbial life but will collect rock and soil samples, storing them on the planet’s surface for a future mission to retrieve.”

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  1. If we are told is absolutely impossible for earth is available life 3.8 to 4,000,000,000 years ago because of the great bombardment how is it in Mars had life during this time Mars Musta had life well after 4 billion years ago say 1, billion 2000,000,000 Years ago

  2. Don't believe the bs they feed you. They are looking for materials or substances (oil) racing to take control of Mars and secure it then use it against other countries and people. All political and funded by the politicians with own agenda . Open your eyes . It has always been like this deception

  3. It seems that solar panels are very small or inexistant. The power should then come only through the fission power supply. The dust storm may be the main reason why the solar panels are minimized. Any comments ?

  4. Interesting fact, you guys are dreaming on bringing just rock back. Thought by now you had colonized Mars, with all those billions gulp up every year. Maybe there is a subdivision within the Feds that are ahead of you guys. Maybe not, it's all a dreaming hoax.

  5. All I'm saying is the pentagon already released ufo videos so why not focus on advancing space travel but it would be cool to know that 3 billion years ago there was life on mars but something like possibly global warming wiped them out and give us something to learn from and shows us life isn't guaranteed and how we should proceed. Either way we don't need to be waiting on global warming.

  6. Laughed so much at this stupid insanity. I can't fathom how stupid people can exist. If you believe this your IQ is a bit low or you are slow. By the way aliens are demonic entities. These demonic entities are satans minions.

  7. The thing they used to travel to mars only took about 7 months. Instead of sending the samples in different machinery to fly back to earth that would take years, would it not be quicker to send the mars samples in the same type of thing they used to send to mars?

  8. Apollo 11 type mission minus men overriding a 1202 alarm with 30 seconds of fuel remaining to save the mission. I hate to tell you that things are only "next level" when it involves human flight!

  9. Might be a bad idea, considering that the dirt might have pathogens in it that could harm life in earth. I really don't know why scientists feel the need to endanger people, just to find out if life ever existed or does currently. So stupid.