Why do so many US Prisoners Convert to Islam?

Why do so many US Prisoners Convert to Islam?

According to a recent report by CNN, approximately 30,000 people convert to Islam annually in the United States. In this video, we’re specifically targeting the statistics of US prisons and the reasons why the inmates tend to incline towards Islam. Let’s have a look.

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  1. You know some thing funny.. In india, many prison inmates and hospital patients convert to Christianity simply because Christian missionaries have permission to teach them Bible and offer "new experience".However if Christianity were so good then how does USA loose them to Islam?? Similarly, Islam is doing exactly what Christianity is doing in India " Offering new experience ". The fact is all religion are equally good or equally bad.. If Islam is the only way of God(the creator), then how did people live till 7th century AD without even knowing him.. I don't intend to demean Allah but trying to make you realize that all gods are same, it's humans who gave them a name. A few call him Allah, Jesus, krishan, Buddha etc.. Nothing wrong because all reach the same creator and names and shape matters least to him.. Don't belittle him by depicting him as a immature guy who wants people to call him by one Arabic name called "Allah" alone.. That's childish..

    Finally, if Islam is a religion of peace, how do you justify the killing they did for expansion across the world.. Let's stop this nonsense of demeaning other religion, people are mature to select their religion without any advertisement.. This is a world for all (Muslims and others).. Let's not try to destabilize the human minds..

  2. islam is a beautiful religion, even tho i am not islamic. i am christian and i wish i could talk to the inmates that if they just said "Jesus forgive me! thank you for forgiving me" they would be washed with the blood of the Lord and their heart would be as white as snow. Judgment is coming soon. please!!! turn to Jesus. He died for you! if you did you would make him have the biggest smile on his face

  3. if you are reading this Jesus is trying to tell you something you can't seem to hear put your hands together and say " Lord Jesus, Indeed you are the one, I come before you to ask for forgivness, Forgive me Lord father, clean me with the blood of God, Bless me and protect me, And i will serve you for the rest of my life." now please buy a bible and read Mathew 27, I promise you the Lord shall forgive you dear brothers and sisters

  4. The first secular constitution Was written by Mohammad saw. We love Jesus according to Quran. Jesus Was a prophet. Not The God. We have to protect humanity nationally and internationally

  5. When you thinking deeply, you start thinking why there is rich and poor people, and why there some born handicap, why you in prison because of the things you don't do. And start thinking there must be better place from this world… Islam is the only way to get the eternal happiness, in this world and the hereafter