Fauci, CDC Chief Testify On Coronavirus Response | NBC News

Fauci, CDC Chief Testify On Coronavirus Response | NBC News

Dr. Anthony Fauci, CDC Director Robert Redfield and other top health officials testify before the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions to discuss the Trump administration’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.
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Live: Fauci, CDC Chief Testify On Coronavirus Response | NBC News


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NBC News


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  1. Priests of the dragonvirus-religion. Go away with your lockdown, mask, app and vaccine! I like science: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p_AyuhbnPOI Who promises that bosses will also be legally accountable to the grassroots internally, especially in groups with delegated powers (police, parties, governments, media, banks …). We already know the good, the bad and the ugly guys among us.

  2. More than 100,000 a day dead if we don’t get it together. We need to Clean our act up America. Let’s be honest there’s a big group out there not fallowing rules. That will be on y’all.

  3. This is so fake! Social distancing is a hoax, as are mass lockdowns. Wear your mask when out in public, eat healthy, and get enough sleep. YOU'LL BE FINE. You don't need a vaccine against COVID-19 or a nationwide lockdown.

  4. Fauci and Renfield are both mad. It's amazing they have these positions, even more how so many accept what they say.
    Some are beginning to expose these creeps out for their phony science, which they profit from and so many suffer from.
    God will give them justice in the end.

  5. If the banning of travel was done at the start…then it would have worked. So many saw it coming, yet WHO totally dropped the ball and all those who followed. Yet places that took more caution, following what was happening not what WHO was saying, in stopping travels at the start are doing way better. Airplane travel was the super spreader, as well as the airplanes themselves.

  6. Who/un along with some influential rich billionaires like bill gates want covid to escalate. They want medical facism to force vaccinate people or else strip people of their rights and basic freedoms. That’s why they funded and designed the flawed hcq study to provide 4x the normal dose of hydrochloroquine. They don’t want cheap easy accessible covid treatments. They want five vaccinations that are protected by the national vaccine act that protects pharma from being sued for vaccine damage.

  7. They can’t easily take our rights, so they want to make everyone afraid of covid just like they made everyone afraid of al queda hiding behind every rock, tree, and bush so we had to take our shoes off at the airport and submit to full body scans. Now they want medical tyranny to protect us from covid.

  8. When people find out the virus is not real, they are going to lose thier minds. For some it will take FEMA pulling out the gilloutines before they chose to wake up to the truth. People love lies as there is no truth in them. End of this world… nothing new.

  9. 1:12:40 Dr. Fauci is the only one really responding to this question. He is the only one who really cares about if everyone can get the vaccine.
    I show all my respect for this old man. Only this kind of person can make the US great again. Not Trump, not Biden.

  10. Mitt Romney, Sanders, and Cane had solid questions, I liked Romney's simple questions and quick responses. 5 minutes for Q&A is pretty tough. I really enjoyed Sander's emphasis on the cost of treatment to the citizens. Senator Paul's speech was trash, he did nothing to further the conversation. Warren also didn't help too much.

  11. I don't understand how the cost of living can be so much less around the world but in the United States it's pretty high and yet you guys still don't have enough money perhaps Congress should take a pay cut they do so much in embezzling

  12. The reason that I am reluctant to get the vacine is that I don't trust the people at the top. They have not been honest with us or they make ingornate statements. Having some put a virus into your body that has killed humdred of thousands of people requires trust. That is something that I don't think the president understands.

  13. Covid is real, however the media hysteria about the virus spreading is wicked Because it’s causing an unnatural fear. We have to look at the data. It’s not skepticism or thinking Covid is fake it’s the fact that this Covid news is not being reported with clarity and with accuracy. Which brings me back to my main point… the fear in America is unnatural. And this Covid issue has become so politicalized the public is caught in the crossfire. It’s a virus it’s going to spread, it’s going to impact the most vulnerable but is it a real contagion NO? If it was, these masks that we wear out of “caution” would not protect us. A true contagion would seep through the masks and people would fall victim to it. We would be forced to stay in our homes until a cure was found. But the hypocrisy of the person who thinks the world is over populated wants to save lives with a vaccine? It’s not adding up folks, it’s just not adding up. And 90% of the media is very much funded by a socialist party… so yes citizens have the right to question the motive and intentions of who is reporting this information.

  14. Is this a hearing or a propaganda push? Listening to that lady was torture. This all is over the top. It's Gov overreaching with quarantining the NON-ILL. I would like to offer counters. I will NOT be MANDATED into vaccines either.

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