How Stealth Changed Modern Warfare

How Stealth Changed Modern Warfare

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Stealth has changed the way warfare is conducted allowing those with it to invade deep into another’s territory to cause extensive damage with a just a few aircraft compared what would have been needed just a couple of decades ago. But it’s not a one-way street, radar system and opponents have become much better at detecting what was once virtually undetectable. This is the story of how stealth changed modern warfare.

Written, researched and presented by Paul Shillito
Images and footage : Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, RAF, USAF Tuan Tamvan,
Haci Productions, RETIA, a.s., Minu Malev, Fibrotex USA

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  1. Having only one stealth aircraft shot down in 50 years is a huge accomplishment . Just so you know that is 0.142857 % of all stealth fighters in the U.S. . That is nothing to pat anyone on the back about if you are the person that argues Serbia shot down a stealth aircraft .

  2. I remember keeping that newspaper from that day as a 15 year old thinking, "this is something that isn't supposed to happen". Yes, I was and still am a huge aviation geek. Also, remember newspapers? I kinda miss them, like the video stores; too many choices these days makes it hard to pick. Sorry, random, I know.

  3. The Gulf War showed the war of the information age. It was not only the war of precision-guided missiles/bombs.

    It was also the war of information processing, such as stealth, ECM, GPS, PAR/SAR, thermal imager, or FCS.

    The war of the AI age will be more bloodless for good or bad, but it is unpredictable because civilization is an adding process.
    I hope new techs & policies will also decrease the sacrifice, cost, and risk of war.

  4. If I understand that correctly, the F 35 pilots don't really see "through" the metal floor of their bird of course, there are sensors around the plane, and moving the helmet in that direction activates these cameras, isn't that the way it should be put ?

  5. I was on a USN Destroyer off the coast of Yugoslavia during this time. My rate was Fire Control and I spent a lot of time staring at a radar screen. I cannot imagine what warfare would be like without radar. My radar could track the individual engines on a passenger jet with ease and most military jets showed up just fine. I do not know if we ever got a track on a stealth fighter.

  6. Stealth planes are black

    Plane: fly too low
    80 years old AA guns: It’s free real target

    (probs to anyone who can shoot a jet down with normal AA)

  7. Stealth is one half of the technology that has transformed air warfare. The two scenarios in the first two minutes both presumed that the bombers in each were delivering four smart bombs. Smart bombs and smart artillery shells are the other, equally important factor that has completely transformed warfare, especially air-to-ground warfare.

  8. but wouldnt a golfball sized object on the radar, moving at mach 1 and 10 km flying altitude be pretty suspicious? the guys sitting at the radar know that these stealth planes exist and can probably tell that its one, no?

  9. particularly like that shirt. (and of course all your videos). Do you ever wear any Joe Browns shirts? there was a particularly colourful purple one in the recent magazine they sent out to us. Though, purple may not be a colour you like, I haven't seen you wear one yet, in my as yet limited perusal of your videos (that is slowly but surely changing).

  10. what was "the first and second Gulf Wars"? Asks an Operation Desert Shield and Operation Desert Storm veteran.
    FYI, by combining various radar cross signatures, enemies and put together the "flocks of fast flying birds" into an aircraft.
    Bonus fact, when first testing the radar signature of stealth tech on a fixed platform, it was thought that it didn't work as well as expected. Until they realized that the fixed platform was producing the radar image and they had to "stealth" the platform too.

  11. There is also the issue that most "stealth" aircraft are only stealthy radar wise at specific frequency bands. Not only that but the Typhoon han fly so much higher than the F-35 for example that the IRST will detect the F-35 to enable a shot before the F-35 can get one off. Do it at night and the Meteor will be at the F-35 before it can fire.

  12. A video I would like to see, is an in-depth analysis of the efficiency of stealth. As far as I can understand, planes with stealth are vulnerable to different wavelengths of radar. The obvious answer would be to build a dedicated anti-stealth radar. Is this a genuine possibility or is it just avgeek talk?

  13. In the 90s they stole taxpayer money with the invisible promise, real life proves them wrong, they keep the money.
    In the 2000s the stole the taxpayer money with the drones. What happend to stealth? You promised it's worth the money and now you want MORE money for drones?
    Read Eisenhower speech denouncing "The military – industrial complex"