Harry: "Our generation hasn't done enough"

Harry: "Our generation hasn't done enough"

Prince Harry says not enough has been done to right the wrongs of the past, acknowledging the institutional racism in society in a message to winners of the Diana Awards on what would have been his mothers’ birthday.

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  1. Harry talking out of the back of his Da’s tank again … talking up BLM, all whilst forgetting that the Woyal Wongunns absolutely endorsed the slave trade. Doing so, ever since the reign of Queen Elizabeth the 1st, and indeed totally dominating the British Slave Trade. The wealth of the Woyal Wongunns is largely due to their very own slaving companies. Have he and Megs not learnt anything about their adoptive family?

    As for Environmental credentials — let’s just look at the feudal run Duchy of Cornwall, does Cornwall look anything like being sustainable and environmentally safe for future generations in light of the shear lunatic developments undertaken by Chaz and his other Arse.

    Harry doesn’t think this generation have done enough — I don’t think the police have done enough with Andrew … but hey, all too little has been done about all too many of the Monsters Inc gang who socialise, hide out, reside and even get knighted for services rendered to the Fix It Club.

    Harry can shove his advice and stop giving his lectures — Agenda 30 might be fine for him and Megs, but it doesn’t suit the rest of the planet who ‘need to do more’ by dying for the few!

  2. The number of viewers tells how much people care about Harry and that other loser who are looking forward to selling lots of tat to the world as ‘charity’ when we all know charities in the US is a tax scam…all money goes into their own pocket (to be precise 5% to the cause and 95% to THEMSELVES)

  3. I HAVE ALWAYS cared about him and his brother because they are DIANAs boys !!! But I really dont think anyone really wants him to think He and his wife are important enough for us to want to hear all that from them >

  4. His wife is a narc-issist and he’s still a para-site grovelling with whi-te guilt put on him by his deranged partner who clearly wears the trousers and has him under her dirty thumb. He wouldn’t be making this pathetic video if he hadn’t been set up to marry a half cast, a girl who had some work in the film industry, now that’s a privilege. The mille-nnial generations are insane.
    He mentions institutional racism, he is from an institute that has members who have been nothing but racist ie his psychotic grandfather.
    Both he and his narc-issistic wife come from dysfunctional families, they’re no better than us, if not worse, who are they to tell us anything.
    The roy-als do absolutely nothing, here’s one trying to lay guilt on us all and tell us what to do but he’ll do nothing himself.
    I’m looking forward to the referendum of abolishing that entire filthy, perv-erted vampiric family who sit in their riches & luxury sucked out of the poor peasantry working class.
    These morons have no clue about reality, yet they tell us what to do & how we can and can not live our own lives.
    This race war/division/guilt is of a comm-unist agenda to bring down the western civilisation & destroy capit-alism. Don’t fall for it, don’t support them or their manipulation.

  5. He needs to bore off, why is he still using duke of Sussex when he’s left the royal family. He’s made his choice now f**k off

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