British Colonization of Africa | Animated History

British Colonization of Africa | Animated History

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  1. "Britain's actual colonization efforts in Africa were still remarkably limited". But the best part after trying in vein to bash Britain….."The collapse of the slave trade also removed a primary motivator for European involvement in the anterior of the continent".

    There was no Britain when Portugal started the Atlantic/African slave trade in around 1542. And England did not get involved in it until 1698. England & Scotland did not become Britain until 1707. Britain freed slaves in the colonies of North America forcing the loyalists to change sides to the rebels. And so support the war of independence. Britain abolished the slave trade in 1807 and sent word to the colonies of Nroth America (Canada) and the American Republic. Which Canada had no choice but to pass into law. And the American Republic did also in 1808…….(not). The Americans would continue to go to Africa and buy slaves. Actually trebling the population of African slaves in the American Rebublic (U.S) from 1808 until at least 1859> The date of the last known slave ship to enter the U.S.A .

    The slave trade would have never "collapsed". It was ended by Britain obtaining it's authority to rule and pass laws. Which the population of every colony consented to. Very difficult to do when for millenia the entire economy of all of the African nations prior to being colonised by Britain were accustomed to the practice of slavery.

    They say the Sun never set on the British Empire. It circumferenced the globe. What an acheivement.

  2. I wish there was a magical MIST that sheltered Africa from being discovered by Europe, without Europeans, Africans would become the technological grandeur known scarcely as WAKANDA TODAY if it wasn't for the white man's meddling!

    giggles frantically

  3. Is it me or EVERY chapter of British story.. There is a "final stance/last stand" chapter lol. They always come back from the brink of destruction… a sign of success in businesses

  4. It's funny as Africa becomes more capitalist it's seeing massive economic growth and a break away from poverty while our countries tax relentlessly and destroy much of what builds wealth and prosperity. I guess what goes up must come back down.

  5. The Dutch are wierd.

    I'm sure many British thought of them as Germany, conflating the Dutch Empire with the German.

    Of course they were different but remember that even they knew the difference they maybe didn't care.

    So in that light the "German" Empire would seem to include "the possibility of nearly All Africa" as well as "the East Indies".

    This would explain the fear but they wouldn't be justified in acting on it because it's an ignorant fear.

  6. I have an idea for a video
    you should do a video on the ‘Evolution of British army uniforms’ I think it would be a good idea to add to the list of videos on military uniforms especially the American and Russian videos
    Anyway hope to see your newest video and continue creating incredible history content!

  7. Yeah, more videos on Africa and African Colonization please !! All over the Internet you find all kinds of channels about European, ancient or even American history! But never African. Just as what happened in the American continent, people should know about the horrible acts of capital expansionism done by the European powers. May I suggest the horrible fate of the Belgian Congo thanks to the need to export rubber? How they went to horrific extremes to subjugate the population into workin on rubber tree fields, and eventually leading to the writing of one of the best novels ever: Heart of Darkness. Just a suggestion 😉

  8. The worst mass murderers in history. Imagine ignoring all the lives and communities lost in WW2 and just focused on the cool wars? That's exactly what you've done. The British didn't just land in Africa, there were people living there. What happened to them?
    I swear if you replaced the word British with Nazi and talked about their genocidal wars with such enthusiasm you would be demonetized.

  9. It’s very disappointing a history channel repeats the myth that britain invented concentration camps. The Spanish and especially Americans had these camps long before Britain.

  10. Colonization was a beautiful thing if you really think about it and not try to be a victim! Blacks would still be living like they're in the 1500s if it wasn't for Europeans! Africans gladly gave over their land to the Europeans because they wanted a better life and they knew white people were an extremely advanced people. Next white person you see, tell them thank you for luxury's you enjoy today!