KIDNAPPED Italian Aid Worker Converts to Islam – Silvia Romano

KIDNAPPED Italian Aid Worker Converts to Islam - Silvia Romano

The release of Silvia Romano was announced during the first week of May 2020. After Silvia’s kidnapping, the Kenyan police at the time had offered a reward to help find Ms. Romano but no genuine leads were found.

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  1. Religion of any sort is a prop for the weak minded, operated for the benefit of the few running it. look at your history books to find what religion really is, if you live by a philosophy of. do on to others as you would have done to yourself, you cannot be far wrong.

  2. I'm sure enough kidnapping is not a good way to spread islam.

    But still i got to say that Allah have so many way to show the path for those who seek the truth
    may allah protect us

  3. The kidnapped one is a woman…and reverted to Islam. Most of the men who have been in muslim countries and have reverted to Islam were soldiers who have sent to there. Welcome and be istiqoma sis and bro…May Allah bless you

  4. Leggere certi commenti fa accapponare la pelle, tuttavia lo immaginavo purtroppo. D'altronde questa povera ragazza non aveva fatto in tempo a tornare libera che già veniva massacrata in nome della quantificazione di un riscatto; figuriamoci una volta venuti a conoscenza della conversione..
    Lei è Silvia, una che era a fare del bene, è stata rapita, meritava di tornare a casa ed oggi il suo ritorno ha commosso una nazione intera, dovremmo semplicemente finirla qui. La sua religione non dovrebbe essere argomento di discussione pubblica, è un fatto intimo e personale. Bentornata a casa!

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  6. Abducted and forced to convert for her own life and safety… feel disgusted for the praise ur doing for such things… let this world be free from terrorism and hate.. love for all

  7. What's wrong with the media the more they shows islam in bad way and usually inn false image the more non muslims reverts to islam when then know the reality from quran that islam is the truth

  8. 1400 years ago Quran challenged world to bring only one sentence equal to Quran one sentence ..but all efforts are failed….even peak sceine era…. still you cannot accept truth means it is your fate.dont blame us in front of God hereafter

  9. Had she not been kidnapped she would not have converted to islam. Followers of religion of peace Kidnapped peacefully and FORCEFULLY converted her in a sobber MANNER LOL…..what a joke.