Star Wars – How To Kill A Franchise

Star Wars - How To Kill A Franchise

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0:00 – Introduction
4:45 – Part 1 – The Whole Trilogy is a Bad Sequel
21:52 – Part 2 – A Boring World
54:11 – Part 3 – A Confused Vision
1:06:40 – Part 4 – A Better Story


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  1. Hey guys, I hope you like this video. I'm not joking when I say this took over a month to make. I don't think I even took a day off in that month. All I did was make this, but I hope you appreciate the work I put into it 😀

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  2. I think your version is way better than what we got. however it’s not perfect, for example this detail: you said that luke wouldn’t tell Rey that her mother was darth khan, the most evil person in the galaxy. is that not what obi wan had done to luke? and since it brought luke so much trauma, wouldn’t luke vow to never hide the truth like that ever again? Also, it’s a bit hypocritical of obiwan to tell luke to not do something, even though obiwan himself did it in the past lol.

  3. You want to kill a franchise, hire writers that have a woke and pc ideology. They are not creative or imaginative, everything is so predictable. Instead of making a movie that allows the viewers to escape reality they make one to attempt to share it through their ideology on screen.

  4. I agree that most "Star Wars" fans are disappointed by the trilogy but c'mon, let's be real, who among them are actually asking questions like, "Why didn't they just ram star destroyers into planets instead of building a death star? It would've been cheaper" … literally, you are the first person to have that thought.

    From what I've read, most "Star Wars" fans (again, in parentheses because it's the term represents multiple diverse and different opinionated groups of individuals) are mad that the new trilogy took beloved characters from the original series and twisted their characters to the point of no return. You can't just take the hero, Luke Skywalker, that we ended with in Return of the Jedi and expect us to believe he turned into whatever that version of him was in The Last Jedi… it wasn't what the fans wanted and as expected, wasn't what Mark Hamill wanted either.

    In all honesty, I compare the last two seasons of Game of Thrones to the Disney Star Wars franchise (2015 and onwards) because of how they both altered the beloved characters we grew to love leading up to the "finale"; an unsatisfying ending.

    I'll end it here since I've been awake for 40 hours straight and really, I don't even know what/why I'm writing anymore. Bye.

  5. Fuck you the Lightspeed ram is one of the best things ever, who cares if it brings the question "why even build star destroyers"? Using this logic we never would have gotten the Lightspeed ram which is fucking sick.
    Star Wars: Visions even did a similar thing and it's great.
    Like sure if you think too hard about it, it's silly but like there's also no justification for a station that large for a planet killer when it's just a giant satellite that runs off an unknown power source and shoots a big Lazer.
    You could station that on a planet easy or just have a big ship or on a similar thing to the thing that blasted through the door in Last Jedi. We never even see the Death Star move
    Same thing with lightsabers. Why aren't they mass-produced and used by every soldier when it's the most efficient weapon you can use, rendering all armour and shields useless, put it on a fucking drill or something.
    The fact they can make lightsabers easily begs the question why can't you just make a giant lightsaber to use to scar a whole city?
    Kaiba crystals aren't even referenced in the main trilogy, but we know they're mined or some shit. The emperor or whatever should know where to get them.

    If you think too hard about anything in star wars it falls apart, just like the "sith can only have one apprentice" why not make an army? It's dumb and I hate that it's used as if it's a valid criticism in fucking Star Wars.

  6. Every fan of Star Wars could write a better Sequels than JJ and Johnson.

    I do not get it. Why didnt they just bring parts of legends instead of completely writing a less then mediocre sequel?

  7. Things that I think that makes know Finn in Star wars. How the f*** did Ray beat Kylo she doesn't have proper training look at Luke Skywalker for example he lost his arm because he doesn't complete the training . and number two why does Disney show so many character that we don't recognize except Han Solo and Leia Chewbacca. How the f*** did palpatine survived the fall of the death Star. And if he's survived who and hell name help hit.

  8. Yes you politics it with laftist politics infact star wars was created too show the evils of the nazi regime now they have become leftist nazis the very people they were trying to defeat…

  9. I absolutely love your Pitch!
    It would make the Characters so much more relatable!!

    What I would add is that maybe Leia joins the new Temple aswell, to offer her wisdom aswell, so the young Generation won't repeat the circle of ignorance the old Jedi suffered from.

  10. The franchise isn't dead- idiots just go over the top with their interest in it and whatnot that people ruin what others have yet to discover. I mean the franchise is over 30 years old by this point and the fanbase has become so toxic that whenever they find a SINGLE thing wrong with it, they suddenly feel the need to bash the entire universe of it and ruin it for others.

  11. i am one of the viewers that didnt really care that much about star wars, i watched every movie, but i cant really remember about the other movies, but about this new trilogy, when i watched it for the first time, i was for the first time invested in star wars, it was really interesting, the first movie really leave me curious about reys and finn adventure, but the second movie… was just… weird, still fun, but it seemed like the directors were just lost writing this story, and it turned into a weird movie, and the third movie was something that felt empty, there were no stakes about this world, yeah you can say, government bad, but i couldnt see what evil things these ppl would do, it was just empty

  12. The Franchise was killed by ideology. I mean your analysis is completely right. But Johnson never had the liberty of making Luke a main character. Kathleen Kennedy made it very clear that she wanted a women to be the main protagonist. So Johnson realizing this tried to balance this by copying as much as possible from the original where he was allowed to. So in other words. Everything was doomed from the start when Kathleen Kennedy took over. Star Wars became the battleground for her personal agenda. In the same way that Robert Murdoch is making sure that his conservative worldview is spread through his channels Kathleen Kennedy made sure her worldview would be spread through hers.

  13. The sequels worldbuilding was figuratively and literally exploded when they showed all those supposed new republic worlds getting blown up by the new death star. They weren't even introduced. Just exploded.

  14. I love this video and am in fact rewatching it right now… but I do have an answer to the "Why did they build the starkiller base instead of a bigger navy" question. It's an authoritarian regime, and those have a big liking for vanity projects since those can be better used for propaganda and since authoritarian governors just like ego projects like that. Let's just remember some superdreadnaught drafts that were proposed in ww2 germany, or land battleships. Those were never approved, true, but they were closer to reality in a regime like that.

  15. 34:00 ish: There's also a reason why snowmobiles have tracks and why tanks don't have wheels. They're not on pavement, so tracks make way more sense than wheels here (which seems to be your argument?) Though I am confused as to why they don't just float.

  16. Ryan "I intentionally sabotaged the biggest franchise in history" Johnson.

    Its so blatantly purposeful that his intentions were sabotage. I almost think that he might actually be a huge Star Wars fan, So much so that he hated Disney having the property and moreso what they and JJ were doing with it, That he just took the director part to burn it to the ground. If this is true. I honestly kind of respect him for it. And this kind of seems like the only rational explanation for why he would so intentionally sabotage it in this way. Like he virtually did everything one could possibly do to burn every bridge possible for a successful saga, Systematically and methodically deconstructing the narrative direction they wanted it to go in. Nothing shows that more than the fact that he left TLJ with literally no prominent bad guy after killing Snoke. Its like a narrative middle finger to leave a cliffhanger on, to kill off the series's overarching villain.

  17. The only thing that could be validly defined as a movie about the sequels is that they have all of the Tonal beats that would make a movie. Literally nothing else. Just the tonal beats. A blind person probably gets the same experience with this movie as a def person.

  18. i remember my mate was big into pirating back in the day he made a bunch of phantom menace copies on vhs to flog and make some bread he invited me round to watch and i was pumped up as i was a star wars fan, no lie we both ended up falling asleep, that's how you kill a franchise

  19. 22:06
    The Mouse: “Well yes. Yes. Of course, it's a bit of a jump isn't it? I mean, er, cold, heartless nostalgia to character development and engaging world building in one go. You don’t think it might be better if you worked your way towards world building, say, via awkward, poorly-written humour?…”

    Fandom: “No, no, no, no. No. I don't want to wait. At nine o'clock tomorrow I want to be in there, taking risks!”

  20. I thought The Force Awakens was pure garbage. Not even close to being a good movie. I mean…countless failings. Rehashing everything. Impossible super weapon that fires faster than the speed of light. Mary Sue protagonist who acts like an annoying brat the whole movie with no reason for having that disposition. Han Solo acting like an idiot instead of like the General and Diplomat from all the books we've read. A MAP…to find Luke??? Huh??? Bad dialog. Annoying characters. Bad CGI. Total lack of character development. Just…oh man it's so awful.

    The best of the new trilogy is definitely The Last Jedi. Because at least it's brave enough to say "Hey, lets let go of the past and move in a new direction!" Heck the line "Let the past die, kill it if you have to, it's the only way to become what you were meant to be." is my motto. It's one of my favorite lines from any film ever. The fight scenes were amazing. The characters and plot was better. The only part I hated was the stupid Leia Mary Poppins flight through empty space. Yeah…should have just killed off her character there.

    And the third movie…it's more awfulness like The Last Jedi.

    I like the Prequels a whole lot better than the garbage by JJ Abrams. But my favorite Star Wars movie all things considered is The Last Jedi. And I'm really not that keen on the original trilogy anymore. I just watched it a million billion times and I'm tired of it.

  21. Man, I had sorta forgotten Finn had been a storm trooper until the end of RotSW when it just suddenly comes up again so we can tease a new relationship with a character that has no purpose. Also, I really wanted a Hayden Christensen force ghost.

  22. Your rewrite is amazing. I've never been a huge star wars person and I didn't really care about either the 6 existing films or the 3 new ones. I've seen them, but they seemed totally a mess. What I especially hated was the 100st installment of "inferoir rebels win against bad, organized military" is if any kind of comman structure basically makes an army evil. Your story gave me chills, was amazing and a perfect arch.

  23. You are very condescending with the fans who genuinely loved The Last Jedi. There are a lot of them who are OT fans and who just understood the vision of Rian Johnson on Luke.
    This movie did the exact same thing than the prequels. It continued the story in a fresh and natural way by making the characters go into darker places and exploring Star Wars as a mythology. Also the aliens in this movie on Canto Bight are incredibly creative.
    There are a lot of argument for the hyperspace. First a ship costs money, financially it’s dumb to waste money on building ships to destroy them immediately. Then we don’t know if it would be that efficient with smaller ships. And finally the hyperspace is a very imprecise maneuver on small range, one small mistake and you can crash on a Star. You can see that the ships are only cut in two, the characters in it are still alive. And she derived from her trajectory, she didn’t manage to go straight away. Also also this was the first time they tried it, they didn’t know it was possible or that it would do that damage.
    See ? We are as fans of the OT as you are, we just don’t have the same vision on the events. And it’s normal, Star Wars is universal, everyone is not taking the same things from the movies, thus we cannot be objective with Star Wars.

  24. I have to pause this video because I'm getting more and more angry. Not at you, your analysis is spot on and your suggestions are very interesting ideas. It's been some years now and I'm still getting mad as hell that they botched this franchise so hard.