Is it Permissible to Migrate to a Non Muslim Country for a Better Life? – Dr Zakir Naik

Is it Permissible to Migrate to a Non Muslim Country for a Better Life? – Dr Zakir Naik

Is it Permissible to Migrate to a Non Muslim Country for a Better Life? – Dr Zakir Naik

Live Q&A by Dr Zakir Naik

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Dr Zakir Naik

Dr Zakir Naik


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  1. I am born in a Muslim country. But it is Iran. The hypocrisy level is very high in there I just want to migrate from a Muslim country to a better Muslim country. The leaders are very cruel I don't know what to do please help. May Allah bless you.

  2. If islam is so great, and allah blesses muslims…why is it that secular countries offer better qualities of life than muslim countries? Why arent secular people from france and germany and canada, vying to immigrate to muslim countries? Could it be that islam turns countries into sh*tholes?

  3. Thank u sheikh..i respect and love u for sake of allah.. I lived in Australia and i know how hard it is to practice islam. How tough to have halal food. How hard it is to keep ur eyes from really bad things. Thank u sheikh to explain the matter perfectly.. I will leave australia in shaa allah. My friends are said if u leave australia and go back in Bangladesh,
    U will regret ur whole life. I said, i will do it for sake of allah. And i wanna be a good businessman and i want to safe mine and my family's hereafter in shaa allah… Allah is the best planner and allah knows best what will happen in everyone's future.

  4. Please provide the list of Muslim countries with Shariah implemented to migrate & I will not have to pay bribery for everything and my life & property are safe living in those Muslim countries?

  5. Dear Dr Naik Salam o Alikum,

    I hope that this is your own official channel and you will read my comments/questions and please also provide me with exclusive answers.
    I am an Afghan/Australian residing in Australia for the last 25 years, I had to leave my beloved country because of wars first with Russians and then civil war between the so called Mujahideen. I had no other choice but to migrate to Australia as our other so called Muslim lands in the first place would not accept or allow refugees to live , even if you did enter you would have a very miserable , unsettled life with no access to jobs, health care, justice system, schools , universities etc. Examples are very well known in our cases Afghan refugees in Pakistan and Iran and some other gulf countries who have their 3rd generation's kids born there but still deprived of basic social / human rights and are called refugees and will never be given permanent residency or citizenship and have no hopes for the future.

    Now in Australia, I know this is not an Islamic country, but Muslims are free and allowed to practice their religion, they have their mosques, schools, communities, jobs and access to the health services and other things that an Aussie born person would normally have access to.

    So my questions is this, you said that if someone migrates to a non Muslim land for better life it is NOT permitted, plus you have said that Prophet Muhammad PBUH has said that he will disown those Muslims who live among the non Muslims ( Mushriks ).

    1- In my situation and million other Afghans/Palestinians/Syrians etc If I decide to go back to my birth country of Afghanistan today, with 1000 % certainty my wealth, property will be forcefully confiscated by my own Muslims brothers/countrymen , my wife and kids will be a very serious target for kidnapping, I would most likely be executed without any reason for living in a western country and the list goes on. So in this case what should someone in this situation must do?While in Australia or any other non Muslim country more than 90 % of the times, you have a safe , secured life with religious freedom. I also positively affirm the fact that there are people in these countries that hate Muslims and are racists but that exist in every place even within the Muslims that hate each other examples are Iranian VS Saudis.

    2- You mentioned in your video clip that Muslims living in non Muslim countries with Mushriks , must leave and migrate to a Muslim country, what about the Quran verse that Allah SWT says that ( Chapter (7) sūrat l-aʿrāf (The Heights) )

    { Said Moses to his people, "Seek help through Allah and be patient. Indeed, the earth belongs to Allah. He causes to inherit it whom He wills of His servants. And the [best] outcome is for the righteous }.

    So, when the earth belongs to Allah, and Allah's slaves can live anywhere on the earth, if they are not prohibited from practicing their religion. Is it not the case ???

    3- As far as the Muskriks and non Muslim countries are concerned, your own birth country of India with the 2nd largest Muslim population in the world, the Muslims there live under the extreme and most racist Mushriks government and idol worshipers in the world, so why don't you ask them to migrate to a Muslims country? And do the holy Quran verse and Hadith not apply to Indian Muslims?

    Muslims in countries like South Africa, Zimbabwe , Fiji etc also live in non Muslim countries SHOULD they migrate as well? Plus why didn't you mention this matter when you were still living in India? A so called Shia Muslim country of Iran, can Muslims migrate or should migrate there, where the Sunnis are not allowed to have their own mosques and can not even name their children with the names like Omar, Abu Bakir , Osman etc. In a country where the wife and companions of the Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH are insulted, blasphemed daily, shouldn't it be the priority for Muslims to leave Iran and migrate to a true Muslim country???

    4- In the Muslim / secular country of Malaysia that you live right now, there are two justice systems and freedom of religion, meaning that you can still find alcohol to drink , a disco to dance and other things if one wants to. You have mentioned that Yes those sinful things do exist in Muslims countries but their level is lower than non Muslim countries. Isn't committing a sin in the USA the same as in Saudi Arabia and will it have the same punishment ?

    Finally, I can say that one's efforts are very important in practicing the religion of Islam, but guidance comes from Allah SWT. I have seen Muslims whom we can call perfect Muslims in the west, but also have seen the most evil so called Muslims in the Muslim lands and unfortunately we all get very confused and mixed up with various opinions, rulings coming from different Muslim scholars including your self. If there is widely accepted Fatwa that has been issued in this regard and has been accepted by majority of Muslim scholars please provide us with that. You are a very intelligent preacher and Dayee but as far as I know you are not a Mufti.

    Wasalam o Alikum wa Rahmatullah.

    Osman Zazai

  6. This is one of my disagreements with my soon to be husband. We both work and reside in the UAE and i would ideally want to have our future kids (if Allah blesses us with them) raised here because of Islam. I myself grew up here and although no country is perfect, at least I can practice Islam here as a woman with no worries of harassment due to wearing hijab, etc. My fiance on the other hand, wants to migrate to Canada for a better life. I will send him this video in hopes that he changes his mind inshaAllah. May Allah open our hearts to accepting Islam completely and submitting our will only to Him. Ameen

  7. I was born in the west and by 25 realized i was in the wrong place, so migrated to Pakistan seeking closeness to Allah and a less detrimental society for my offspring. Alhdulillah i find myself more blessed than those i left behind and far more succesful.
    15 years on, i intend to surrender my EU citizenship, bcz i do not agree with many of their laws, i.e., cannot consider myself surrended or loyal to them, and find them clearly against muslims. I can only thank Allah for his guidance.

  8. My brother today i look where i can migrate you KNOW every muslim country want visa for som time. Wy there is no visa for muslim brotjer and sisters to goo

  9. Why pakistan dont take Muslims my brotjer i want to live in pakistan i can work there,,, thay just take women merrying whit pakstani man.. Not muslim brotjer Who want to migration

  10. I'm a Christian so I'm not sure why I am watching this. But just to put a perspective, there are very few countries during this period in history that are actually Christian, most western countries are secular with some Christians living in them. I live in the US and there are many atheists here, and also people who have non Christian religions, including Muslims. As far as I know the Muslims aren't oppressed as much, though I don't know as much about the Islamic rules they are supposed to follow. Overall maybe it's 1 percent, though I think my state, California, has more of them. Europe is even more secular overall than the US, except for a few countries like Poland. My family immigrated here from a mostly atheist country, but it's not as though America is that Christian either. For the most part people respect freedom of religion here, though they are trying to push things like abortion onto everyone. Not to mention gay pride. Most people aren't as religious or are a bit lukewarm. Well, I don't know, maybe a Muslim might have a tough time planning out how they are going to pray with the work schedules, but I think that if they came here they would have a good life.

  11. Permission from who? A Christian or a jew does not need to ask permission from their fath leader to move to Iran. Whether Iran or any other islamic country will let then in is another question.

  12. – Who wants Sharia Law?

    – We all do!

    – Who wants to move to Afghanistan and enjoy an Islamic Society there?

    – ……Nah, dude, we good. We rather stay with the Infidels in the West. We will still ask for Sharia Law here tho.

  13. I know many Muslims who desperately want to live in Muslim majority countries but due to the laws which don't allow foreigners to settle, people are more inclined to move to Western countries that provide better 'settling options', albeit the risks of losing their deen is high. I believe it is the responsibilty of well-to-do Muslim nations which have huge land and resources to recognize this trend and help them to settle in their countries. And we all know there are many Muslim countries that can make it possible.

  14. Why we Muslims around the World don't ask ourselves, why we migrated to the Western Countries ? The answer is : Because the leaders in the Muslim countries are Idiots ! Dr. Zakir show me just one Muslim country that has perfect Economy, Perfect Lifestyle, Perfect Peace without any conflicts , Disciplined citizens following the law etc. ? You are saying that we sacrificed the Ahira and the Kingdom of Allah to enter Jannatul Firdaus ! Because we are living more luxury lifestyle ? That will make and put Allah to the level of Low minded human being ! Is Allah like that ? Why we in our Mother Muslim Lands don't have that what the people in the West have ? Why we are not better than them in Discipline , Following the law ,Industry, Technology etc.? We in the Muslim world are using the Technology to make our life easy and these Technologies were found by the Western Scientists ! Does Allah want Muslims to suffer in this World to live primitive lifestyle because they will enter Jannatul Firdaus and they must be patient and not to look for better life ?

  15. Muslims who are living as practicing Muslims in the Western world are earning more Hassanat than those Muslims who are living in the Muslim world ! Because they have to control every day the lust of the physical world which is very high in the Western world !

  16. Jazak Allah ul Khair Sheikh to be very true and to explain the matter to his true sence without hesitation May Allah bless you with long and heatly life, I have migrated from Pakistan to Ireland for the sake of dunya(better living) and the conclusion is you are right word by word as Allah SWT said in surah Nisa….. I being witness a generation might hold Islam for few years but down the line 2nd and 3rd will entirely lost their faith and believe in my own opinion Muslims migrating or even born in non Muslim countries are plying with fire its only a matter of time when this fire will inhale us Muslims in it……. Once again jazak Allah ul Khair Sheikh

  17. I agree with Dr Naik on a good many things that he said, most specifically that there is a high chance of loosing your imaan if you leave a Muslim country. However, i feel that he neglected to sufficiently talk about the dangers of staying in a Muslim country.
    From my own experience, My ancestors were Indian/Pakistani – who left 'India' before the split. They brought a ton of traditions and ideas that were no a part of Islam, and yet they believed that it was as important as the 5 pillars. We only recently, in like the last 20 years, realized who wrong some of our customs were.

    Also, what is a Muslim country. There are hardly any countries that follow Shariyah law exactly. For example Pakistan allows Alcohol. Is it a muslim country just because there are muslims ruling it or because most of the citizens claim to be muslims.
    Please don't take this as Critisism, these are just questions and confusion that i found.

  18. Of course my dream is blocked by one single word, "haram". Feels so good man. I wanted to settle down in Japan or South Korea but bye bye to that dream because yay sacrifice everything for this religion. My frustration can't be explained with words. What's next? Befriending a non believer is haram? Oh it already is.