What are the most profitable businesses in Pakistan?

E-commerce startups are the one that gets profitable Quicker than any other type of startups.

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What are the most profitable businesses in Pakistan? 1

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Aamir Kamal, Engineer And Entrepreneur (2017-present)

Answered July 25, 2019

There are many but the quest is “How are you gonna find them?” Businesses are everywhere and there is a market for literally everything, you name it and there is a market for it and businesses who are doing quite well in those niches.

You can either start an:

  1. Online: You need a laptop and a working internet connection.
  2. Offline: You need an office or some working place for it.

What is the most profitable Business in Pakistan?

The answer may be “There are” and “There is no-one”

According to a survey:

E-commerce startups are the one that gets profitable Quicker than any other type of startups.

As I said before:

“How are you gonna find them?”

To give you the idea of how the same idea will be more profitable than others.

The art of selling:

How you sell a product, you have to be a great salesman, when you are in conversation with a client or customer, gives him the insight about the product. Share data and show him, how this product is better then any products. Most people who flip products online, they add little value to the product they have purchased and sell them on higher prices.

In some online businesses like starting a YouTube channel or starting a blog requires a very little investment but give you a high return if your content worthy enough. I know people who make more then 100% of the investment, in the end of the day, the only thing that matters is how much money you are making.

Shayan Siddiqui, BSCS from Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science and Technology

Answered August 22, 2017

Originally Answered: What is the most successful business in Pakistan?

Restaurant or Cafe

The best business in Pakistan so far I've come across.

  1. Buy a big shop in some high-class locality.
  2. Choose some English or French name for your Cafe like Carson's Cafe, le noire etc.
  3. Your Cafe should have a unique theme….like superheroes, vintage, hollywood, hip-hop, or even Desi!
  4. Decorate your Cafe with unique and expensive furniture, walls etc.
  5. Food items should have unique or English names.
  6. Prices should be high….
  • All the Best!


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Due to CEPEC, a very big potential for investments has started. Service sector is one of the best when you are looking for long term profits. Areas like;

Industrial cleaning services (pharma, petro, defense, aviation, automobile, poultry, energy, dairy sectors to name a few)

Industrial supplies services (parts, eqpt, machinery for the above mentioned sectors),

Hiring services (staff, eqpt, machinery for the above mentioned sectors).

Training of staff and certification for the above mentioned sectors) just an e.g truck drivers certifications are a must for CEPEC no one presently is providing it.

What small business can I start in Pakistan with 5 to 7 lacs?What is the best business to start up in Pakistan?Which and how can I start a business in 15 lakh in Pakistan?What are the most profitable businesses in Pakistan? 4

Mohammad Tahir, lived in Pakistan

Answered December 27, 2016

Its depend on your Investment & Experience

Here are few most profitable businesses with less investment & low risk

  1. State Agency
  2. Private Scools
  3. Food Shop/Small resturant
  4. Transports
  5. Medical Store

Now Its depend on your investment & experience.

Mustafa Khan, lives in Pakistan

Answered August 15, 2017

Originally Answered: What is the most successful business in Pakistan?

Now a days, education has become the most popular and succesful business in Pakistan. Wherever we see, we find a private school or college. Everybody is running for opening a school.

This has lessened the quality of education because this trend focusses on quantity of education, not its quality.

Saad Iqbal, Founder of dotexpense.com

Answered August 15, 2017

Originally Answered: What is the most successful business in Pakistan?

Build a house and make it a hostel , and during peak times of entry test preparations during months of June , July and August , many students opt to settle in hostel for studies ,

every year , people running this kind of business are making 50 lakh profit in 1 year . It's enormous

Hamza Khalid, ERP Developer

Answered August 15, 2017

Originally Answered: What is the most successful business in Pakistan?

Factories. Production.

Medical instruments. Sports items. Textile. And many more industries.

Search Sialkot on Google. It is a small city. But. Produces big time.

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