What It Means to Be Policed in America | Op-Docs

What It Means to Be Policed in America | Op-Docs

“The Torture Letters” aims to shed light on an unacceptable tolerance of police misconduct in the United States. In an accompanying essay, director Dr. Laurence Ralph writes, “I made the film above to explain exactly what it means to be policed in America today. It moves from my own experiences with racial profiling as a teenager to the horrific history of police torture in Chicago.

Based on more than a decade of research, this Op-Doc serves as an instant primer on the roots of police violence. Right now, somewhere in the United States, similar episodes of police violence are still playing out.

This film is meant for everyone who has felt alone and violated after being subjected to police violence. It’s also for anyone who has wept over the memory of a victim or taken to the streets in protest.

These stories are personal. I was born in Brooklyn to immigrant parents and spent my formative years in Baltimore and Atlanta. In those cities, I got a firsthand introduction to the politics of race and learned that I should be afraid of the police.

This film aims to interrupt how police violence is driven by a false dichotomy between “good” versus “bad” people. Too often, the police inflict violence on the latter — those preemptively deemed guilty and thus unworthy of love, care or empathy. I hope this film can be part of a larger movement that helps to forge a broad alliance to unite all people, regardless of color or creed, in the service of human dignity.”

Read more: https://nyti.ms/3gaXTF4

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  1. Some people say George Floyd was not a martyr. But martyr just means "witness". And George Floyd bore witness to the destructive power of the unchecked racist State. And he stripped millions of whites in this country of their ignorance. He made them witnesses, too. The holy lights of God are flashing upon our flaws, and the choice is ours whether to cower in darkness or to let the light transform us, forever.

  2. The police are mass murderers and murder thousands of unarmed men women and children civilians every single year. Progressive need to arm themselves to protect themselves and their families and loved ones and friends from the fascist police state and their fascist followers. The reason that they are using cars to murder progressives is that the police started doing it first and taught their fascist followers what to do and how to do it with vehicles. If progressives were armed and the fascists knew that the progressives were armed then the coward fascists would not be using their vehicle as Weapons against progressives. They only do so because they know that most progressives are not armed. So the cowards have no problem attacking and murdering unarmed men women and children civilians. Progressives need to arm themselves, only then will they stop being targets from the evil fascists that are destroying freedom and democracy in the United States.

  3. Oh get over this self pitty, bo ho you have to deal with police, guess what? So do white people and i love how he makes alot of statements but doesn’t have any proof or evidence like hey if i get caught with meth and cocain its not my fault THE POliCe ArE RaCiSt

  4. I could author an entire media campaign about modern medicine explaining how evil and sadistic it really is. How it takes advantage of poor and disabled people.

    Guess what – it wouldn’t be true either.
    Don’t take the bait people

  5. New York is named after the Duke of York, who ran the Royal African Company which imported more slaves into America than any other entity. When will NY change it's name? And when will the New York Times confess to the racial implications of it's name?

  6. Chicago has insane murder rates. Policing often has become very harsh in the inner cities and areas with high crime rates. This doesnt make points. It expresses feelings. Valid ones at that. But all these cases are presented only from 1 perspective and without context. For pretending to research and study this is suprisingly unproductive towards the discussion about police brutality.

  7. Hey New York Times, you lost all credibility. Only ‘fact checking’ that agrees with your narrative. You endorse domestic terrorists. ALL LIVES MATTER, INCLUDING WHITE LIVES.

  8. DEMONITIZE YOUTUBE over FREE SPEECH. YouTube defunds channels whose content, although legal, they disagree with.
    Encourage friends and family to not financially support YouTube biggest advertisers: Apple, TurboTax, Expedia, Geico, Disney, Proctor & Gamble, and Carvana. Make note of any company you see advertising on YouTube and shoot them a message.

  9. A very important issue that needs to be addressed seriously in USA, not only through protests, but with concrete action by legislators.
    I still feel grateful for your video exposing to the world the police brutality and mutilation of my fellow countrypeople in Chile.

  10. My bro a cop and he says it's not this deep it's just some humans are d head and want to overstep and take advantage of there power instead of just doing there job and go home.

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