How Starlink Will Change The Internet

How Starlink Will Change The Internet

Like many of us, you may have laid witness to some bright strings of light shooting across the night sky recently. Shooting stars? Orchestrated drones? UFOs perhaps?

While any of those things would be equally as exciting, chances are, what you were really seeing was Starlink – the satellite constellation being constructed by Elon Musk and his budding team at SpaceX.

So, what exactly is Starlink, and why is it projected to bring in around $30 billion of yearly revenue by the year 2025?

Simply put, Starlink is a ‘satellite internet constellation’ being constructed by SpaceX, Elon Musk’s famously ambitious aerospace company.

A satellite internet constellation, or mega constellation, as it’s also known, is a network of satellites that work together in unison to bring us internet access.

The firm is working towards building a network of 12,000 satellites, to provide high quality, affordable internet to essentially the entire planet

There are currently 420 Starlink satellites in orbit today, 300 of which were sent up between January and May of 2020 alone

How Starlink Will Change The Internet


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  1. I think every company should be responsible for cleaning up the debris left behind. Can you imagine what space will look like with all the junk? Companies should be fined daily!!

  2. This is BS. While Musk does some good things, I don’t believe I signed on to obscure the night sky with this garbage. What the F gives him the right to do this? His $ ? His investors?
    F you all then.

  3. The President, ("our President of the United States"), has just not only saved the United States Citizens, "(our family members)", but He, has saved the World also with this vaccine… We the People, and the World, ( "THANK YOU",; President TRUMP ),.

  4. I love what this will do for our Internet speed, but I can’t help but wonder what Starlink will morph into down the road in our near future. With the push to get AI into everything including people, I can’t help but wonder if Starlink may be the precursor of Skynet in the Terminator movies. If AI is linked with people and Starlink is infiltrated by Ai, could we become cyborgs controlled by the vast Starlink/Skynet network thereby losing our “freewill” and independent sovereignty? Was the movie Terminator a warning about one potential future reality that we seem to be moving towards? I hope not.

  5. You may be an idiot if you believe that you can see a 500lb desk sized satellite at over 100 km away. You can barely see a jumbo jet at 40,000 ft so really what the hell are these things in the sky because they sure as hell are not what they are telling us.

  6. It will not change anything because space and satellites are fake. Why is the earth covered in 150 foot cell towers ? Why if the cell and net is broadcast from space does it not work in valleys and around hills and mountains ? Why are the stars in the same position as recorded thousands of years ago , all rotating around polaris ? Have you seen a "planet" through a real telescope ? Have you used a zoom camera at the sea shore and looked at things 100 miles away (no curve) etc

  7. its more then just internet its brain interface computers its to read your eeg and translate it word from word with a word processor with artificial telepathy chatter bots they have been useing this to torture people 24/7 they read your eeg threw a wireless frequency they track u and torture u with your body frequency with silent hearing only u will hear like a medusa silent hearing this is why they want networks everywhere

  8. We have the technology to do this now. This is nothing new. This technology belongs to humanity already along with the 6000 other patents that have been hidden from us. Elon did not create this. This is Tesla technology he’s stolen!

  9. Latest future internet ….virtualization …Ideaiology….a smart Router ..with card or sim slot….direct delivery of Internet service on router through card or sim…all other devices like dish…cables….and huge installation and maintenance man power cost will be eliminated….that's future…"Technology with Economy"…Thanks…RGS..over to Elon Musk…This new Idea is the combination of Mobile Tower technology and LATEST Satellite Technology….

  10. ok, this is all well and good, but here it is, November 29th 2021 !! so it takes 5 months to get up ?? what a joke this is, on the people. This video is dated, when? look. we are being played. AGAIN!!!!!

  11. We've been told that Starlink Internet would be free, as part of the NESARA / GESARA rollout to humanity.

    I also heard that it will REPLACE the current internet system we have now. But what if I'm happy with the I.S.P. and speeds I'm currently getting ? Am I going to be forced to changeover and pay for a satellite dish set up ? And I couldn't use a satellite dish anyway. I live in an apartment block.

  12. I dont mean to go all James Bond villianish here but what happens when a certain billionaire doesn't get his own way? Does he flip a switch on any given middle of the week business day and turn off the internet? Does he hold it for ransom to the world? Once it's running, does he make threats, does he raise prices. How do you compete? Do we allow two other companies to launch 47,000 satellites? What's going to keep him in check? I thought internet was supposed to be free.