Nepal government bans Indian news channels | WION News

Nepal government bans Indian news channels | WION News

Amid heightened tensions with India, Nepal has banned all Indian news channels, except the public service broadcaster Doordarshan.

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  1. No wonder, India as a country, it’s sense of freedom, media and mentality is very immature why not cuz it got independence only 70 years back. That’s just one generation of people. So wisdom and maturity can’t be expected of them.

  2. Truth is –
    Racism Against Indian all neighbours..

    Indian news channels are propagandist…

    There are very few channel like–(AbP +NDTV+ dhruve rathee)
    Are doing there job properly

  3. u deleted my comment where I clearly said that the decision to ban Indian news media in Nepal came from Nepalese citizens and that there are many issues in your own country…sexual violence being the top one which should get lime lighted rather than the issues of what is happening in other people's country. So WION first solve the rampant issues inside your own house then start focusing on others. wion u guys are after views not real journalism.

  4. stop spreading hatred about Nepal and focus on your own economic crises, there are more than hundred of crisis going on in India .. but nai .. tumlok ko Nepal kohe target Karna Hy. naya naya topic gusakey attention seek Karna Hy.

    * Indian private News channels with lots of nonsense background music.
    just like akta kapoor serial.

  5. Why did you ban Chinese apps? Not criticism but think the same way on your news channel ban. Don't act dumb. Be classified as journalist if you know the journalism. Stop barking. Specially when you bark ad someone gives you back rightfully

  6. Indian News Channels are baseless. This news itself is very baseless. Nepal DID NOT ban the Indian new Channels per say. Nepal's cable and satellite television providers stopped airing Indian News Channels. Two different things.
    And that decision was mostly based on one of the Indian News Channels claiming that PM Oli has a Romantic relationship with Chinese Ambassador.

  7. If Indian Media is Making news without any dignity, without any standard, without any fact check, without any respect and respect of existence, without respect of souvenir Nation then hell we Nepalese and Nepal Government did good job. The Indian media is forgetting that whatever they say, post, publish is recorded and watched by World. This is not press freedom. This is abuse of press power.

  8. I personally don't worry about channels getting banned becoz indian channels are ran by political morons. But Oli claiming Ayodhya is in nepal and Yoga is from nepal isn't digestible. This shows how uneducated he is to lead the nation. Also I wish they start passport n visa for Nepalese to enter India then they will know the guts of India n Modi. Indians can live without Nepalese workers here for sure.